What they said: Kris Blanks

June 09, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: FedEx St. Jude Classic transcript archive Q. Kris, 4-under, 66 today. 1-under making the turn, three birdies on the backside, no bogies. Talk about your round.

KRIS BLANKS: Played pretty solid today. Had two bogies front, one 3-putt, and hit a little too far on the par-3 and got out of position there, but other than that, it was very solid today for sure.

I actually made some putts today.

Q. Talk about the putting, because talking to some of the guys, they think it might be 11, 12 on the stimp meter pretty quick.

KRIS BLANKS: The greens when we first got here, they had top-dressed them a little bit. The greens are in great shape. The whole golf course is in awesome condition, and, you know, the greens -- you got to kind make sure you stay below the hole and not leave yourself too many testers.

Q. I looked at your schedule. This is like nine weeks in a row you're playing on the PGA TOUR. I know there's been some missed cuts. You got to be worn out.

KRIS BLANKS: I told my wife it was going to be a tough stretch. Best case scenario I played early, had a couple of good finishes and could have taken a couple weeks off. Worse case, I missed a few cuts and home on the weekends. Yes, nine weeks and it has been a grind. I didn't do the Monday qualifier for The Open basically for that reason. After playing the Memorial and being pretty down on myself, I decided I would forego that and guarantee myself that.

Q. Tie for 10th four weeks ago. How is the game coming around??

KRIS BLANKS: I've been putting almost as good as I was last year. Last year did really well. Didn't do too much on the greens last year. This year the first part of the year I didn't hit it very good. It's coming around the last couple of weeks. And the putter has kind of let me down a little bit and trying a little something new this week. So far so good. I'll let you guys know on Sunday if it's something that's going to stick around for a while. Constantly chases our golf swings and probably go about playing, trying to make ourselves better. Sometimes we take a couple steps back, but I've taken a bunch of steps forward and just trying to be patient and let the good runs go.

Q. Good stuff today. Good luck tomorrow.

KRIS BLANKS: Thank you very much.

Q. We've seen some big numbers put out there today. To be in here with a 4-under 66, you got to be excited??

KRIS BLANKS: I'm very happy and very pleased with getting off to a good start this week.

The golf course is in unbelievable shape. The people at FedEx are treating us great. It's nice to hold off. You guys noticed yesterday the big plane going around when we were playing the Pro-Am. You know, got off to a good start today. It's been very positive. See how the round goes tomorrow.

I've been trending towards starting to play good again, which is why I've been playing a lot of weeks in a row trying to get some rounds under my belt. Today just kind of all came together and hopefully get three more days.

Q. You did it on the backside. You made the turn at 1-under. You birdied 9 and got it going on the backside.

Did it feel good or feel like maybe you're putting up a good score because it's a tough golf course?

KRIS BLANKS: It is a rough golf course. Anytime we come to a par-70 golf course, you know obviously your score relative to par is going to be a little bit higher, because usually they shorten two par-5s and par-4s. I'm not sure what they did here. I've never played here with a par-70. You always know the score relative to par is going to be relatively higher on a par-70 golf course.

To get off to the start that I did, obviously with me in the lead right now, I'm sure maybe a couple guys might give that lead a run this afternoon. Wind is not up right now and the greens are holding up really good. They're not spiking up at all. The course is in great shape. I can see some guys shoot some low scores this afternoon.

Q. Thought about the thought process that went into you playing so many weeks in a row. Is that something you did in the past? Something you need to do?

KRIS BLANKS: It's funny. I got off to a slow start this year. I didn't play very well at the beginning of the season. Didn't play very well in the Florida swing. Really felt like I was behind the eight ball. Felt like I was playing good again, but it's funny, you play golf for a living, you play a golf, you do a lot of practice. I was just -- I'd miss a cut by a shot and miss a cut by a shot or two, and so I would really only get two rounds a week competitive. Not necessarily competitively but just full 18 hole rounds of golf that I was actually trying to keep score, not necessarily a practice round where you're trying to get a feel for how the course was played. Even though I played golf for a living, I wasn't playing a whole lot of rounds.