What they said: Rickie Fowler

June 05, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You got it going, up and down a little bit again??

RICKIE FOWLER: A lot more up. I just had basically two downs, doubled 12 and doubled 16. It happens.

I made birdie on 11 to go 6 through 11 holes, then I made double on 12. Thought I made birdie on 13. I hit a really good putt, it was in the hole, just missed. Birdied 14 right after that, had a good look on 15, and then 16 dumped it in the water again.

Q. 6 iron??

RICKIE FOWLER: I hit 6, yeah. I was playing alongside D.A., and he hit 5 and it landed on the back fringe. Went ahead and grabbed 6. The ball was flying pretty good today, and to hold that green because it's obviously nowhere near the other ones right now, I felt like I had to get the ball up in the air a little bit. Got it up, and looked really good. It was right at it, and it went swimming.

Q. Is there such a thing as figuring this is your second time here??


Q. Have you figured it out??

RICKIE FOWLER: I figured it out pretty good last year. I really like this place. I play it well. I make a lot of birdies, which is a good thing. Like my caddie was saying out there today, I mean, if you go and lead the TOUR in birdies, you're not going to have a bad year. We're doing the right things. We're making birdies.

I had an eagle this week. I holed out. But if you're making birdies, getting rid of a couple little mistakes or swing flaws here and there, that's pretty easy. It's when you're not making birdies struggling getting the ball in play and stuff like that that you've got a lot of work to do.

I feel really good about my game. Hopefully I'll get a couple days at home, some free time back in California actually and get out to the U.S. Open, get a couple days of practice and look for a good week there.

Q. Good to see Donny out there??

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I got a glimpse of him on 14. I saw him walking down the left of 14, and good to see him because I hadn't seen him in a while. It's cool for him to come out and watch. Obviously he flew home after the loss and trying to get back to his family as quickly as possible. But obviously good to see him.

Q. Did you go to the drop zone on 16??


Q. How tough is that shot??

RICKIE FOWLER: It's not easy to that pin because if you want to go at the pin, you only have five yards between the pin and the water. Obviously if you hit it left there's more water, but it's kind of an awkward angle. I actually hit a pretty good wedge shot in there, had about 15 feet.

Q. Once you're in the drop zone you're not thinking I've got a good chance to make 4 now??

RICKIE FOWLER: No, I mean, it definitely crosses your mind about not hitting the water again because it's right there. If you don't catch one exactly how you want to, it comes up a little short, or if you happen to hit one a little too good and it flies in the back bunker you're looking at a big number.

Q. How much better do you feel about your game for the Open after today??

RICKIE FOWLER: Well, like I said, we did make mistakes out there and a few bad breaks, stuff going to happen like that. But I'm hitting a lot of good shots, hitting a lot of solid golf shots, driving the ball a lot better than I have been all year. So to see that going into an Open, you need to drive the ball well, you need to keep the ball in play. I think if we can minimize the mistakes from this week and keep rolling, I think I like the way the game is right now going into the Open.

Q. You feel like you're leaving on an uptick today??

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I had 26 birdies and an eagle this week. The game is pretty good.