What they said: Brandt Jobe

June 04, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Start with some opening comments about the conditions today.

BRANDT JOBE: Obviously pretty hot, pretty humid. Golf course is starting to play fast, so it's kind of hard to control your shots. Greens are starting to get firm, ball was going a long ways. I mean, unbelievable distance. So it's just tough to get that in your mind that the ball is going to do that.

But the golf course is showing it's just a tough course. You can't make mistakes out here.

Q. We've had a lot of guys saying they're having trouble keeping their driver in the fairway.

BRANDT JOBE: The ball was going so far today, it was unbelievable. I mean, unreal. You know, and you're getting that big first bounce, which we haven't seen. I think honestly we're not used to playing here and watching it bounce that much.

Conditions are great, and this is, I'm sure, what they wanted. It's hot, it's firm, it's fast, it's playing tough.

Q. Strick went pretty low.

BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, what's he doing, making shots, making it hard on us. He's obviously playing great.

Q. You're a few off, but you're one of those guys that's a few off. What do you have to do tomorrow to be in the mix??

BRANDT JOBE: Like anything, when you're leading by four or five shots, it's your tournament to lose, so for me tomorrow it's just go out and play as hard as I can. If something good happens for me, so be it.

But Steve, I think if he goes out there and shoots an under par round, it's going to take someone to play an incredible round to beat him.

Q. Do you find yourself looking at the leaderboard as you're going around and seeing what he's doing??

BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, but I'm a leaderboard guy. I kind of like to watch. I could hear it when he holed it, I'm like, was that Steve again? Because he played right behind me the first two days and I heard the roar on the hole in one. He's obviously playing really well, and he's a great player.

Q. Obviously you're all competing, you all want to win. What does that do when you see a guy doing that? Do you try to take it to another level?

BRANDT JOBE: Honestly, I don't think there's anything you can do. Sometimes it's some people's weeks, and when they're hitting shots that good and making shots, you've just got to do all you can do, which is just play as hard as you can. That's about it.