What they said: Luke Donald

April 24, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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MARK STEVENS: I'd like to welcome Luke Donald. Luke, it was a very exciting last day and playoff. If you want to kind of take us through the playoff and then we'll take some questions.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, obviously first of all hats off to Brandt. He played a fantastic round today and I just came up a little short. Unfortunately both on the 72nd hole and that second playoff hole on 18, I got a little bit stuck in between clubs, and didn't hit great shots. And just came up short, unfortunately.

Q. What were the clubs on --

LUKE DONALD: 72nd hole was an 8-iron. And 9-iron on the last.

Q. Did a camera click off in your swing??

LUKE DONALD: Off the tee, yes, four days in a row. Some good pictures they're getting.

Q. He got out early and posted 12, so you sort of knew what you were playing for, did that affect anything out there??

LUKE DONALD: You know, I kind of looked at the leaderboard with nine holes to play and saw that Brandt had posted a number. It was tough out there. It wasn't easy. The course was -- a lot of pins were tough to get to. I thought the greens were a little bit quicker today. I kept running it a little bit past the hole. And obviously hit a great shot into 16, had a good chance there. I thought if I made that putt I could win the tournament.

Q. Could you just talk about the second time playing 18, both the trap and then the chip, did you think it was going in??

LUKE DONALD: Obviously not a great lie. It plugged in the bunker. Played it pretty well and just came out left. Came out on line it would probably be 6, 7 feet. It's hard to control those shots. And I gave the chip a run, it was just going a little too fast and caught the right edge.

Q. You probably knew that Lee had won earlier in the day, that if you won, you were going to be No. 1. I can't imagine you were thinking about that playing, but did you carry some thought of that to the first tee as what else you might be playing for??

LUKE DONALD: It's hard to put that out of your mind, but for sure. It was going to be some big rewards if I won today. But I'll try and find the positives from this week and move on to next week.

Q. It's not like you're not going to have another shot at it.

LUKE DONALD: Yes, and certainly No. 1 is not the final goal. It's a constant travel. You're constantly moving forward in this game. To be No. 1 would be great, but it's not everything. It certainly would be a tick in the box and it would be something great to talk to the grandkids in 30 years' time and say that you were the best in the world, but I still have a lot of chances to do that.

Q. You say talk to the grandkids about being No. 1 in the world, but it took a third playoff hole to lose the tournament, so the line between being No. 1 in the world and where you are --

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, certainly there's a lot of people that have a chance to be No. 1 right now. I think it's a fun time in golf. Obviously Tiger dominated for a number of years and no one was close to him. But now it's a little bit more of a race and just a little added thing to the side that's kind of fun for the spectators.

Q. You couldn't have come any closer.

LUKE DONALD: I came pretty close, yeah. But I've still got some time on my side.

MARK STEVENS: Thanks for taking the time to come in.