What they said: Cameron Tringale

April 16, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive MARK STEVENS: Okay. Cameron Tringale, got to 6-under, one off the lead right now. If you want to kind of talk about your round and then your thoughts going into tomorrow.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Okay. Played nicely today, pretty steady. I gave myself a decent amount of chances and was able to take advantage of those chances when I had them and when I did hit poor shots I recovered quite nicely and kept the momentum going.

MARK STEVENS: Questions.

Q. Talk a little bit about, you know, being in the hunt this week, interview on CBS, kind of stuff you haven't experienced before. What's that been like??

CAMERON TRINGALE: It's been nice, you know. That's why we play the game, to be in this position. So all those things go with playing well and that's my focus, has been all week and will be tomorrow.

Q. How was the course playing today as opposed to yesterday??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I would say it was playing easier today. We had a lot more crosswinds with it blowing out of the east so, just the approach shots were tough but I think the course played a bit shorter today which was nice, get some shorter clubs into those greens and be able to have some better looks.

Q. You knew it was going to be a little bit better condition-wise today. Were you kind of excited about that as you got up this morning??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I don't really think about it, you know. It's the same golf course and everyone has got to play in it so I play well in the wind. So, the windier, the better for me.

Q. Why do you play well in the wind, flight the ball low??

CAMERON TRINGALE: Not really. I think I have pretty good control of my ball so I'm able to leave it in the right places when it is really tough and, you know, around here with these greens as difficult as they can be and being able to leave it under the hole and, you know, chipping into the wind and all that kind of stuff makes it a lot easier.

Q. Do you have a lot of experience, did you grow up in the wind??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I mean everyone who plays golf has experience in the wind. You can't escape it. But, you know, not really. I went to school in Atlanta and pretty windy there, especially where our practice range was at Georgia Tech, we had some condos on the side of it and it was big wind tunnel so we got used to those windy days.

Q. So what did you think of yesterday, is that a Top-10er (sic) for wind?

CAMERON TRINGALE: Ever? It was pretty good. Yeah. I'd say it was definitely one of the windier times I've played. I think I hit 8-iron from 105 on the par 5 8th, which is about a four club wind.

MARK STEVENS: Birdied it, too.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah, made a nice putt there.

Q. Can you talk about 18? Looked like you almost went in the creek.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah. I drove it left. I figured if I hit a good drive and have a look, be able to look at it in two, so I just swing hard and try and give yourself that chance otherwise you're laying up, and I hit the drive a little left, laid up to a pretty good yardage and then just misjudged the wind, really.

Came up short, which was a bad mistake, given all the room behind the hole. But, you know, it was just one of those misjudgements which happen quite a bit out there today.

Q. On TV, they pronounce your name as Tringale.


Q. How did you come up with that pronunciation? Is that from a different country?

CAMERON TRINGALE: My parents told me how to pronounce it (laughter). It's an Italian name.

Q. Been mispronounced 15,000 times??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I've heard it every way. I heard a new one today by one of the TV guys so.

Q. What did he say??

CAMERON TRINGALE: "Zingale", with a Z.

Q. I imagine you've heard about everything, "Tringail".

CAMERON TRINGALE: "Trinagal", "Triangle", "Trigate", "Trigail".

Q. Probably just kind of by now just --

CAMERON TRINGALE: I can't expect most people to get it -- the phonics right on it.

Q. Cameron, when you hear people talk about or write about the young guns on the PGA TOUR, what does that mean to you? Is there a set of guys like yourself or Rickie that are true young guns or something we make up?

What do you think when you hear talk about young guns on the PGA TOUR??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I mean how deep, you know, the TOUR is and there's a lot of younger players getting on TOUR quicker now than there ever has been and, you know, I think that's really been the difference.

You know, six years ago you have one, two, three guys out of college get through Q-School or the Nationwide Tour and now it seems like, you know, the elite elite guys tend to get through in the first couple years out of college and therefore there's a lot more of us around and I feel like, you know, every -- you know, they're all just really good.

Q. What about the degree of difficulty standpoint, is this among the hardest courses you've played or will play??

CAMERON TRINGALE: Well, this course is tough because of the wind and so with the conditions the way that they've been the past three days and will probably be tomorrow, you know, it's probably one of the more difficult tests of the year. Just look at the score. That will tell you a lot. Good field.

You know, for looking just at the golf course without conditions, you know, there's probably some tougher ones out there but, you know, it is what it is and it is windy here regularly, so something we deal with.

Q. You feel pretty good about tomorrow??

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah. My game is in a good place and just go take care of business tomorrow and do take care of what I can control and we'll be right there.

Q. What's it going to take in general for whoever wins this, what will they have to do tomorrow??

CAMERON TRINGALE: Weather-dependent. If it's like today, have to shoot a few other under to have a chance. I don't know what the leaders are at now, but someone told me before it started that they're trying to get the winning score around 10-under so it looks like they'll be pretty close.

Q. I heard supposed to be gusty out of the south kind of like it was --


Q. But out of the sought instead of north. Going to make much of a difference??

CAMERON TRINGALE: I think the course was designed to play from the south wind, just my interpretation of the way the course is built but, you know, I think that's the normal wind and, you know, I think scores like -- good scoring is out there. You get some of the pretty tough holes downwind.


Q. I hate to go back to this, you talked about your name again, "Triangles", "Zingale". What are some of the other ones??

CAMERON TRINGALE: "Tringle", "Trinagil", "Trinnail", "Triangle", "Trigal", "Triginally".

Q. That must have made school a lot of fun.

CAMERON TRINGALE: Yeah. Fortunately just get called by your first name these days.

MARK STEVENS: Okay. Thanks a lot, Cameron. Good luck tomorrow.