What they said: Charles Howell III

April 16, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Four birdies over the course of 18 holes. You run off four in a row, 11 through 14.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. I really wasn't expecting that, either, basically. This golf course is hard. I thought it was hard since the first time I saw it on Tuesday and if you play one round out here making four birdies, I don't care where they are, you've done something good.

Q. 13 greens, 27 putts. You were in control of the golf ball.

CHARLES HOWELL III: I kept it in play today, which you have to around here. This golf course isn't forgiving and, man, when the wind starts blowing, it's one heck of a test.

Q. Talk about the wind because I've always thought you had the ability to flight your ball low. That has to come in well here with windy conditions.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. You got to control it around here especially when it gets a little bit gusty. There's trouble on both sides of every hole. So the low ball guys are liking this week a little better.

Q. What about your thoughts going into the final round??

CHARLES HOWELL III: It seems to be windy tomorrow. It will be a tough test. Whoever can hang in there the most and just survive today, really.

Q. Overall, tell me about what went right during the four hole stretch.

CHARLES HOWELL III: I kept the ball in play which is, number one, important. I got the ball on the right shelf on the greens. The greens have so many little humps and knobs. I got on right shelf and got decent putts at it. The greens aren't that fast. They can't make it fast because of the slope. You can be aggressive. I had a few decent putts at it.

Q. Never want to talk about this being benign today, but can you ever get fully comfortable on this golf course??

CHARLES HOWELL III: No. No. I think on a calm day this golf course is difficult and in the wind just makes it that much more. It keeps you on your toes every shot. I mean there's trouble on both sides and once you get to the greens, it's quite a bit sloppy there, too. I mean it's one heck of a test.

Q. What's the feeling going to be like? You're going to be in contention. You won't know exactly where you'll be. What's the feeling going into Sunday? How do you approach it?

CHARLES HOWELL III: I think it's going to be a little windier. It's more about surviving the thing, I think, and playing your own ball. Par is a heck of a score. Post a few birdies, great. It will be a tough test at the end. Windy, blowing 20 miles an hour again, pars aren't bad.