What they said: Geoff Ogilvy

April 15, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive Q. Geoff, an even par score today. Tell me what the quality of this round is with the difficultly of these winds that are approaching 30 miles an hour??

GEOFF OGILVY: It's hard. It's a pretty good score. I think I feel like that I had maybe one or two better but I definitely could have had quite a lot worse.

The score is good if you hit really, really good shots, but as soon as you miss one there's a potential disaster on every hole so I'm pretty happy with that score. It was blowing. When you say that forecast, you kind of hope you get the first nine holes in.

It was blowing when it was dark this morning. It's more like windy Texas days. Happy to get out of it with no damage done and still looking forward to the weekend.

Q. What was the most difficult stretch of the golf course, a lot of these courses, lot of these holes playing well over-par??

GEOFF OGILVY: There's some holes into the wind that are brutal because the splits, you can hit it right or left. The 1st and 2nd hole straight downwind. First is an incredibly hard green to hit because it kind of goes away from you. I land it on the front, it went out of the back.

The 2nd, an incredible pin on the par 5, people are going to get on that tee and think birdie but you walk off with a 5, you'll be happy.

Q. Overall you keep yourself in great position. You didn't have nearly as much wind yesterday.

GEOFF OGILVY: You get the feeling it's not meant to blow this way because all the long holes go into the wind and the short ones go down. You kind of get the feeling, I don't know, four days out of five, it blows the way we played it.

So, it's probably a way that not many people have played it. They had to move -- they were really smart, moved a lot of tees way forward that play back up into the wind. 18 they moved it way up. So, yeah, it was a different planet from the practice rounds and yesterday but, anyway, that's part of golf.

Q. You could have four different conditions in four days here. Tomorrow probably going to be a whole different day.

GEOFF OGILVY: Texas, especially on the west side of Texas you get all kinds of stuff going on. It's unique and interesting. The scores can handle the wind through any direction, which is kind of cool. Hopefully we get back to the normal wind. I really enjoyed yesterday because it was really hot.

Q. How about the course overall, second year here, how do you like the course??

GEOFF OGILVY: I enjoy it, I like it. You don't want to miss it in the wrong spot, obviously. There's a lot disasters waiting all over the place. As Kevin showed yesterday, you can get yourself in a trouble if you get off the beaten path. All in all, pretty good. There's a score out there if you play well but it's a tough course.

Q. Depending on the conditions, par is going to be a pretty good score.

GEOFF OGILVY: Today par is a great score. I think anyone shoots par is not going to be treading water, probably going to be moving forward today. Someone might shoot 3, 4-under. Someone always does. Par is going to be a pretty good score.