What they said: Stewart Cink

April 15, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Your thoughts on how different the course played today as opposed to yesterday.

STEWART CINK: How different it played or how different I played it?

Q. Yes.

STEWART CINK: I knew we were going to have our hands full when we saw the forecast for a north wind. Those of us who have never played here before, we're just going to be really trying to figure out the type of shots you need to, hit and then they moved the tees around and did a good job with the set-up.

I don't know if this course is ready for a big old north wind like that. There's not a lot of room to play out there. If you're driving the ball straight you can play good. You get a little bit off with the wind -- and I was in the rocks and trees probably six, seven times today. That gets pretty old. It adds up in a hurry.

It was tough. I played very poorly today, I really did. Threw away a bunch of shots and just, you know -- you know, I was proud of myself for rallying there at the end and at least finishing on a decent note.

Q. You look at the scores yesterday, perfect conditions yesterday. Well over a stroke average above, par average for the field, then you throw in a north wind this course already pretty tough.

STEWART CINK: It is. It's mainly because of the slopes on the greens but the slopes on the greens are offset somewhat by the slowness of the greens. They're not that fast.

The main thing, if you just get a little crooked out here you're looking at lost balls. There's not a lot of room to drive the ball. The fairways are, you know, not overly narrow but there's only like eight, ten yards of rough and you're looking at a provisional and unplayable.

All kinds of things. I tripled 9 today. I thought I was on my way to a Kevin Na. In fact, when I came in, at least good job, you beat Kevin Na.

Q. Richard Johnson had a 9 today and Twittered about it afterwards. Said I had a Kevin Na hole on 9. Become part of the lexicon.

STEWART CINK: It was -- that tee was moved up like 50 yards. The pin was in the back. That's a good example with the wind blowing in your face so much you can hardly stand still.

It's a challenge to try to keep the ball within the parameters of the playing field. There's a lot of balls out in the junk out there today. That's going to contribute to some high scores.

Q. Greg Norman is laughing somewhere.

STEWART CINK: He's laughing. He needs to come play here. It's a tough course, really is tough. If you start hitting it crooked, you really make it hard on yourself.