What they said: Jhonattan Vegas

April 14, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive Q. Jhonattan Vegas, great 68. Nicely done. You here a few "Hook 'Ems" out there this week??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I did. It's fun being out here, man. It's lovely. I'm having fun here, place that I really remember, the few memories in San Antonio. First Tee event here three years ago and having a good time.

Q. Listen, tough golf course if you don't hit it straight. You hit it straight for the most part today.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I did. I'm feeling really comfortable with my game and feeling really patient with it and I think it's a good place and we have three more days to go. So it should be fun.

Q. This is your 12th event already this year. Are you starting to get tired at all? You missed the last three cuts. Kind of struggled a little bit. Obviously you're getting it back together. You're not tired at all?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Just a little bit. Once you get here for a little while, you know, you get ready mentally. I'm trying to relax and recharge because as a rookie you want to play a lot. When I won earlier this year and since then I want to be playing but I kind of realize that you got to take some time off, relax and recharge.

Q. You're proud of the five birdies you made or proud you only made one bogey today??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I think it's part of good solid round, you know. There were some putts that could have gone in but, you know, that's golf. That's the game. I'm pretty happy where I am and, you know, keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. You didn't play here last year. You were still trying to get on to the Tour. Had you seen this course much??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Not really. I came a few months ago to try to play but it was closed so this is pretty much my third round around. I feel great. Feel like things are in place for a great week. Going to go give it a try.

Q. I don't know if you had heard that Humana just officially came onboard, is the title sponsor of the Bob Hope for the next eight years. If you could just, you know, obviously not related to this tournament, but how excited does that initially make you, here it is that we finally got a title sponsor for a tournament that obviously is near and dear to your heart??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: It's great. You know, pretty much even this year when I heard that the tournament was struggling a little bit and after winning it I kind felt bad that it might not happen again and, like I said, it's great to hear that Humana is doing it. We totally appreciate that because it just makes -- I have a place to go back and defend. Glad for them to, you know, they're doing it.

Q. Feeling very comfortable in this State of Texas as where you went to school. Overall, tell me about those last few birdies on 8 and 9 and how they changed it.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I have a lot of people coming out here, lot of Longhorns living here, San Antonio. Special place. Plus I came back, San Antonio was my first PGA TOUR event when I turned pro. It means a little more. It's good to be playing in a place like this.

Q. You and Justin Leonard were playing with an Aggie, Ryan Palmer. Did you give him a little grief over that??

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Little bit. It was little early this morning.