What they said: Stewart Cink

April 14, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive Q. Not bad for a guy who decides, what, on Friday that you want to play this tournament??

STEWART CINK: Yeah, about 7:45 p.m. Friday. Two and a half hours or more after I missed the deadline. Yeah. I added this tournament because I was really disappointed with missing the cut at the Masters and I didn't really feel like I would go forward by taking another week off so decided to add this one and just, you know, get right back to it instead of thinking about missing the cut at a Major for another week. I'm glad I did that. Played well, played really well, actually. Had some good opportunities to have a good round and I'd like to keep this up for four days. Be fun.

Q. What changed over the last 36 or 48 hours or so since the Masters ended that you played well??

STEWART CINK: I wish I could tell you exactly what it was but the golf course at Augusta National has been sort of in my brain for the last few years and I don't seem to show up there with my best stuff and I wish I could explain that, obviously, but once I get away from there I become myself again and some alien gets out of my body and gives me my normal stuff back and, I don't know. I just felt more comfortable here since I got here and like the golf course. It's the first time I've seen it. So, you know, it's just been fun.

Q. What's your excitement level about having the morning conditions tomorrow to be able to hopefully extend that lead??

STEWART CINK: I'm not really thinking that way because I think tomorrow, based on the forecast, we have a 20-mile an hour north wind coming, which I've never seen here. We'll have our hands full trying to figure out how to kick our way round this golf course tomorrow.

I don't think I'll be able to be thinking too much about being near the leader or any of that. It's going to be a real test tomorrow morning, I think, so all day tomorrow should be real interesting and getting ready for Saturday.

Q. Just your overall thoughts after day one.

STEWART CINK: I think it's a really nice course. The layout fits in with the land really well. I love the scrub oaks or whatever they're called, little miniature oak trees. They're beautiful to look at. There's not a lot of room out there in between the oak trees. If you can get through here without hitting any provisional balls, that's okay.

Q. What's the feeling like playing in these conditions? There was some talk about rain today, it was not, sunny and nice. Be able to take advantage of that, get pretty good scores?

STEWART CINK: The wind was there today but it wasn't too bad, you know. You could -- there were times where could you really hit a ball right through the wind, nice hot breeze. That's the kind of conditions we love to play in.

With the golf course relatively soft, I think after last year, the grass a little different, they kept it a little softer to keep it under control so it's really playable out there as long as you hit the ball straight off the tee.

Q. What are the players saying about this course? Do they like it?

STEWART CINK: I think generally the players like it. Tee to green, some of the greens are still a little strange, little severe but with the speed of the greens I think they can handle that kind of slope and the pin placements out there were very predictable. Some putts that you can get at them if you know the slopes.

Q. A great field. Anyone can take this event. Looks like it's wide open. I know it's day one.

STEWART CINK: Definitely. It's early and we got some conditions coming our way, little unpredictable, and we're a little inexperienced in a northern breeze here. We're going to get that tomorrow and, you know, it will be a good fight. I'm sure -- I don't think this course is going to yield super low scores, though.