What they said: Charles Howell III

March 25, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Arnold Palmer Invitational transcript archive CHARLES HOWELL III: That's about as big a difference as we've seen on two days on the golf course and luckily I took advantage of it. It was certainly out there.

Q. Do you think your game's been heading in this direction??

CHARLES HOWELL III: It's been betting getter. I've had a bunch of finishes between 10th and 13th, 14th; I haven't really had a great finish.

It's been okay. It's a funny game. All of a sudden I make a putt or two from 20, 25 feet and all is right in the world again. Score gets a little lower.

Players are so good, that it's just a shot or two here or there to get it rolling.

Q. Best part of your game today??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I drove it better today. I drove the ball in the fairway. There's still enough rough out there and still with the firmness of the green, you have to drive the ball close to the fairway to get it close to the flags.

Q. What does it mean to have Arnold Palmer still representing this tournament each year, and obviously you live here??

CHARLES HOWELL III: It's big for the area. We had our child at Winnie Palmer Hospital there, and so we have been through the whole system and the whole shebang. You go in and you get a little bit better treatment because you're a golfer and they take care of us. So I've seen it from the hospital side and his impact on the community is awesome. Heck, he still played the Pro-Am. That's pretty neat there.

I'm certainly glad to see his involvement and continued involvement and what he's done to the golf course to make it better, and I think he's listening to the players and what they wanted. To have him, and then you have Jack Nicklaus who has his name on a tournament, is pretty special.

Q. Is there anything besides just a putt here or there --

CHARLES HOWELL III: You know, it's a fickle game. For whatever reason it seems to be that every time you turn the TV on and see the guys that are playing well, their short games are good. And you know, you see it with all of the top players in the world arguably maybe have the best short games in the world. And you see everybody hits the ball pretty good, you just walk to the range and see that.

I think the guys that kind of get it rolling and get it going, I think their short games get maybe just a touch sharper and their scoring gets just a little bit better.

Q. How old is your child??

CHARLES HOWELL III: She's nine months, going on 15 (laughter).

Q. Which birdies stand out today??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Actually, you know what, No. 11, my second hole of the day, I holed a bunker shot for birdie there.

I had driven it in the fairway bunker off the tee and I hit my second shot in the green-side bunker and kind of a dicey up-and-down and I holed the bunker shot. I think that one, to sort of get the round going.

You know, early in the day, first, second hole of the day, when you hole a bunker shot, especially early in the round, it sort of gets it kick started a bit. Probably that one.

Q. Was your short game something you've focused on??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, a lot this off-season, and a lot as the season started. But sometimes the results don't show when you want them to show.

But yeah, I still look around. And even having Tiger at Isleworth, I watch what he's doing and see what he's doing and the shots that he hits around the greens and whatnot. It's pretty clear that he's the best in the world because of that. Pretty impressive.