What they said: Marc Turnesa

March 18, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Transitions Championship transcript archive Q. Is this as calm as you've seen this place??

MARC TURNESA: Yeah, last year, I didn't get to play but I played two years prior, and it's pretty nasty out here. So I've never it seen the course this calm, which is kind of nice.

Q. Talk about, it's nice to have a week like this going the way things have been going lately??

MARC TURNESA: Yeah, for sure, it's been a tough go for me, since my victory, really. Just haven't gotten it together and got injured and now I'm just trying to get back from that and it's nice to play well, for sure.

Q. You've obviously probably been working pretty hard.

MARC TURNESA: Oh, yeah. I've been putting the time in. It's just been tough. You don't get results. You start pressing and searching and sometimes you don't really need to do any of that. You just need to let it happen.

Q. What's going right, really the first two rounds? What can you point to? Are you just making more putts?

MARC TURNESA: Putts. A little bit of both I think. I think I hit it a little better, but mainly the putter. That's usually what it always is. The guys at the top of the leaderboard are putting the best.

But you know, I'm trying to get my head better and I think I've done a good job of that this week, too.

Q. How do you get your head better??

MARC TURNESA: Of course. That's the biggest thing out here, I don't know. You try everything and sometimes things just click for whatever reason. Maybe your putt goes in or you hit a good shot and you kind of build momentum and I think that's what I did yesterday.

I got off to a decent start, which I haven't done in, I don't know how long. It seems like every first round, come out and shoot even, 1-over, 2-over, something like that and then I'm just trying to fight back in for the cut.

It was nice to get off to a good start yesterday. So kind of allowed me to go in with a different mind-set instead of coming out on Friday knowing that I've got to shoot 3- , 4-under just to make the cut. Kind of freed me up a little bit and tried to have fun, but I think I did a little bit today.

Q. Was there any highlight in the round today??

MARC TURNESA: Well, on 8, I almost holed it and that's a tough par 3, 3-iron, ran right by the hole. Hit it probably three feet. That was probably the best shot I hit all day.

Q. What kind of mind-set do you go into tomorrow??

MARC TURNESA: Kind of like today. I'm up there, should be -- I'm sure guys are going to pass me but I'm in good position. Just try and go out and have fun and make some putts and just realize that I'm going to have a lot of opportunities if I hit it the way I've been hitting it.

So don't put too much pressure on yourself to make the putts, but you know, just try and roll them in. If you miss, go to the next hole.