What they said: Sergio Garcia

March 16, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Where have you been??


Q. We've missed you.

SERGIO GARCÍA: I've been playing. You obviously haven't been watching. (Laughter).

Q. But only three times this year??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Yeah, this year. Since August, I've played about seven tournaments, something like that.

Q. This is the first one over here, though??


Q. Can you talk about the break you took and what good it did for you and how it helped you??

SERGIO GARCÍA: The break was a long time ago. It was in August, it was a couple of months. It was just a couple of months. It wasn't everybody seems to make it a big deal. It was just I think it was a small break.

But it was good. I got to do a lot of things. I got to work on a lot of other thing. Yeah, it's been good.

Q. I think we consider the break longer because we just haven't seen you since August??

SERGIO GARCÍA: That doesn't mean that I haven't been playing.

Q. How is your enthusiasm for the game now??

SERGIO GARCÍA: It's good. It's definitely better. That's one of the reasons. And it's definitely improved a lot. So I definitely feel like I want to be out there. So that always helps.

I can do better but at least if you're looking forward to it, it helps.

Q. What made the Transitions appealing to come here this weekend??

SERGIO GARCÍA: I have always liked this course. It's not the first time I've played. I think it's a great tournament, a very, very good, challenging golf course. So it's always been nice and Florida usually is good weather. So we take that, too.

Q. I guess we probably would have seen you had you been eligible for the WGCs you would have been over here a little earlier.

SERGIO GARCÍA: Well, I mean, I wasn't going to come for one week. So yeah, if I would have made the Match Play, then I probably would have played Match Play, Honda, Doral. But we didn't, so you know, just took four weeks off, worked on the game a little bit, and just trying to get ready for the start of the season out here.

So it's going to be quite a long run now. We started a bit late this year, so it's a little bit more condensed. Should be good.

Q. Where is your game right now??

SERGIO GARCÍA: It feels good. It feels good. I think that I saw a lot of good things in the Middle East, a lot of good rounds, some good improvements overall in the whole game.

So it feels good. It's just a matter of kind of getting back into it and getting through the motions, get through those times where it's a little bit tougher where the pressure is on and stuff like that. Other than that, it feels nice.

Q. How is the course playing right now??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Course is playing good. It's firming up. It's firming up slowly and the weather is supposed to be good, so I'm only expecting the course to play tougher as the week goes on so should be a really good challenge.

Q. When did you lose some of your enthusiasm, when do you think it was??

SERGIO GARCÍA: I think it was a mix of things. Obviously a couple of things off the golf course didn't help, and then I just you know, I just started playing not great and I kind of, you know, knowing how I can play and what I'm capable of doing, I don't like to settle for less.

So for me to go to a week and then finish 30th or 40th, if my game is not showing up, it doesn't really make a difference.

So I guess a mix of those things kind of pulled me down a little bit. But we are looking forward to it now.

Q. Has this caused you to ask questions of yourself, what am I doing here, what am I trying to do out here??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Sometimes it does. When you know what you are capable of doing and you are not able to do it, it definitely feels like, why should I be suffering in a way, if you might say. When you struggle a little bit and you start asking yourself things, and you know, it's not like if it would have been any first or second year but we've been here for a while. And when you've been pretty much in the Top 10 of the World Rankings, it's a little bit tougher to swallow I guess.

Q. A lot going on in golf in the Middle East with Lee and Martin and Luke, Rory, etc. How badly do you want to be a part of that mix??

SERGIO GARCÍA: To tell you the truth, I just want to be out there and just want to enjoy playing. And hopefully just play better as I get on. Whatever happens, happens. I know what I'm capable of doing. But that doesn't mean that, you know, I'm looking at it thinking, I should be there, I should be there. I don't see it that way.

So I mean, they are out there because they have played well, because they deserve it, and the only way I'm going to get back up there is doing the same thing.

Q. Do you want to be there??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Do I want to be there?

Q. Any time limit on it; do you want to be up there??

SERGIO GARCÍA: No, not really I want to be there. I think it's a matter of time more than wanting to.

Q. You've always been such a passionate player and weird for some of us to watch you over the last few months, trying to figure out whether you wanted to be out there and how often and what it meant to you. That's kind of your defining characteristic, I would say, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Where is it right now? Do you feel like the fire in the belly is back to where it was before or still getting there?

SERGIO GARCÍA: It's like I said, definitely I'm looking forward to be out there. I'm looking forward to try to hit shots. I'm looking forward to try to do the right things.

So it is definitely there. That doesn't mean that I'm going to be jumping around. I'm 31. I save my jumps for other things. (Laughing).

But I'm looking forward to it. So that's the most important thing for me.

Q. What's your schedule??

SERGIO GARCÍA: This week, next week. It's still a work in process, so we are trying our best.

Q. How do you think you are to getting back to

SERGIO GARCÍA: Again, he asked me the same thing. I don't know. I'm working on it. The game feels pretty good but like I said, it's a work in process. I'm not rushing it. I'm just trying to have a good time out there and enjoy what I do and let it happen.

Q. Is it more mental or physical??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Physical? Am I getting fat or something? (Laughing).

No, I think obviously it was mental before, and as you gain a bit of confidence, it kind of helps. There's nothing like there's nothing better than confidence for your mental game. When you are feeling confident, you don't think about things, you just kind of do them.

I think as we keep getting better and better, that will happen.

Q. How does it feel

SERGIO GARCÍA: I'm enjoying practicing and I'm enjoying playing. It's not like, you know, I cracked my back and I don't feel like going there or something. So that's positive.

Q. So you're enthusiastic??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Definitely.

Q. During The Ryder Cup, during that week in Wales, were you ever saying to yourself, I out should be out there and I should be playing and not helping??

SERGIO GARCÍA: No. I did want to, to be out there, but at the same time, I knew that I didn't deserve it. So you've got to be true to yourself at the end of the day. So I didn't deserve it; so I shouldn't be on that team. But it was nice to be part of it even though I wasn't playing.

Q. Do you see any similarities between Matteo Manassero and yourself at that age??

SERGIO GARCÍA: Everybody is different. Everybody is different. I don't know. I think our games were a little bit different. But you know, you obviously see something.

Q. Weren't you doing homework when you first came over to the Nelson years ago? You were still doing math ask stuff like that, aren't you, finishing up school?

SERGIO GARCÍA: No, I think I was done by then.

Q. Were you driving??

SERGIO GARCÍA: I was getting my license. I was getting my license. I remember I got it in June I think it was that year.

Q. Big achievement??

SERGIO GARCÍA: If you have it.