What they said: Troy Matteson

March 13, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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TROY MATTESON: To be honest, with the way Michael played the front side, you know, I was shocked because the pins were really difficult on the front side. There were only maybe three, maybe four really good looks at birdie out there on the front. So my hat's off to him.

I hate to see a guy come into 18, short side and then you end up in a playoff and then you end up winning. He shouldn't feel bad about what he did. And like I said, you want to see a guy come down the stretch ahead you want to see him win. You don't want to see him lose because he messed up. So I'm happy for him.

Q. Real quick, the last, that final putt, what happened??

TROY MATTESON: You know, I had almost the same putt in regulation, a little shorter and it went dead straight. And that one just barely broke enough to catch a piece of the hole. If I hit it a little easier, it might have barely fallen in the left side. But you know, I hit a good putt. I hit it right where I was looking, and you know, that's all you can do.

Q. How do you feel like you played today in regulation??

TROY MATTESON: You know, I played okay. I just didn't hit enough shots close to have chances. I left myself with a lot of up-and-over putts, a lot of breaking putts. Just didn't leave myself with very many good looks, and then I had a good look on 16, a good look on 17 and just couldn't get them in. But I'm not disappointed with my play at all this week.

Most people would walk off after a second, losing a playoff and maybe be distraught, but I haven't played good all year, so this is at least a sign of good things to come.

Q. First putt you misjudged the speed or --

TROY MATTESON: Yeah, I just misjudged the speed a little bit, but with him being that close I've gotta try to make it. You know, he's probably gotta feel like when I knock it by, that he can relax a little bit. But I'd like to think if I cozied it down there, I'm thinking he's going to drill it in the middle.

Q. Okay. Thanks a lot, Troy.

TROY MATTESON: Okay. Appreciate it.