What they said: Hunter Haas

March 12, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about that last hole there. Great putt at the end. Just kind of take us through it.

HUNTER HAAS: You know, the way that hole plays, I mean left-to-right wind, down, and everybody -- almost everybody shot I seen guys have hit, and they trying to start it straight, and it leaks right. And I said I'm going to turn this over and try to get it down there. And I did. I hit it straight and turned it over, but I didn't realize it careened off and then cart path and into the hazard that quick. I'll be more aware of that tomorrow.

Q. Got ya.

HUNTER HAAS: And I just had to take a drop and made a great par.

Q. And just overall, just take us through your round. You're a couple shots off the lead heading into tomorrow.

HUNTER HAAS: Kind of more of the same I did the last two days. I got off to a pretty good start. Front nine seems like a lot of good people are making birdies on the front, and on the back it's kind of just hold on, and if you hit a few close shots, you can make a few birdies in the back.

But honestly, I had probably three shots today that were bad -- either misjudged the distance or the wind and compounded with a bad shot and I ended up 50, 60 feet from the hole. And it put some stress on my putting. I had a three-putt on 13, and I had a couple -- that's all. I had a three-putt. But I just didn't hit as many close shots.

But the ones I did early, I had a good shot on 1 and made birdie; and 2, I did what you're supposed to do, supposed to hit it in the fairway. And it was playing downwind, so it was a 7-iron. It was basically a lay-up birdie. I knocked it on the green on 5, I knocked it on in 2 and two-putted for birdie.

Just basic stuff. I hit probably five really solid shots on demanding holes, par-3s, and other than that, I played pretty good. I played solid.

Q. So overall you're feeling pretty good about where you are??

HUNTER HAAS: Yeah. I don't like being three or four shots back from the lead. But I just -- I wish I could have come out. The number in mind I had was probably seven under today, and I figured that would be a good score and that would probably beat or tie the low round of the day. I don't know what the low round is.

Q. I think Troy's on that right now.

HUNTER HAAS: 6-under?

Q. Yeah.

HUNTER HAAS: So yeah, my thought was right. I wasn't far off. I was three shots off. Just gotta go out and try to shoot that tomorrow, keep the pressure on him.