What they said: James Driscoll

March 11, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just talk about your round today, take us through the highs and lows.

JAMES DRISCOLL: At times I hit it a lot better than yesterday. Yesterday seemed like a lot of the good shots just went right next to the hole. Today, added up 20 feet a lot of times.

But still feel pretty good about everything. Ball striking's pretty good. The putter isn't quite totally dialed in, but you know, it's something to work on and I'm looking forward to the next couple days.

Q. Still happy with your position? Looks like you're going to go in with a three-way share of the lead on the weekend.

JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah. Definitely. Can't complain about that. Obviously could have been better today, but overall, the way I kind of played and handled everything, I thought was pretty good, and I don't really have any complaints.

Q. Conditions the same pretty much, minus the rain??

JAMES DRISCOLL: No. The wind was different. I wasn't in the rain yesterday. The wind was a little different today, different angle and a little bit stronger, so a little bit more difficult.

Q. Okay. Thanks.