What they said: Matt Kuchar

January 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Golf is all about adjusting to changes, and you certainly had some changes on the golf course with this wind.

MATT KUCHAR: Oh, man, it was tough. I was not expecting a round like this today. This is one I figured, keep it slightly under par would be a good score. And to come out, lit up front nine and had it going pretty well on the back, as well; It was a great day. The course played just completely the opposite today.

Q. And in this heavy wind, you hit 17 greens.

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, in a one bogey on the 17th was a bummer but hard to believe, 17 greens; 17 out of 18 with this much wind. These greens are big, but that's some good ball striking.

Q. Talk about 17. You drove through the fairway and it almost looked like the ball was ground under repair. Any opportunity to take a drop there??

MATT KUCHAR: I wish. It was in a divot but it was a slightly grown back in divot and I couldn't determine whether or not it was a flyer or not. This rough generally always produces flyers, and there was just some sprouts right behind the ball. I was planning on a flyer, and it did not. Wind caught it and took it up to the right; what a miserable chip. Chipping is not easy around here.

Q. Yet with all of those birdies I thought you may have had the opportunity to convert a few more at 13, 14, 15 and 16, you had nice looks and I thought made nice strokes on all of them and the ball didn't go in.

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, that's the way it goes. Looking back there was a section where I could have made a whole lot more birdies. Looking back, I wish I could have had maybe one or two of those putts, because there were some makeable ones, but you to shoot 7 under today is a fantastic score.

Q. Are you surprised scoring is as good as it is in this wind??

MATT KUCHAR: I am. I am. This is not easy, particularly putting is tough, with these greens as grainy as they are and having to adjust for the wind, as well, not only the wind affecting the ball, but kind of affecting your stroke, as well.

It's not easy to make a whole lot of putts but looks like guys are playing some good golf.

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