What they said: Spencer Levin

November 14, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about your round today.

SPENCER LEVIN: You know, I played really well. I just kind of gagged it on the last hole a little bit, but I made a great putt on 17.

So it kind of evened out, I guess, if you look at it that way, but I was pleased. I love this golf course. You know, I've always liked it. I feel real comfortable here.

Q. So were you keeping an eye on the scoreboard throughout? I know there's not that many scores up on the front nine, but on the back nine when everyone's kind of fluctuating?

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah. I looked at it coming in. I knew Garrigus when I was walking on the 17th green, I saw Garrigus was 21 under, so I knew I was probably playing for second.

But on 18 I didn't really look at it. I knew if I two putted. You know, any time you're close to the lead, every shot is going to be worth a lot of money. But yeah, I looked at it a little bit, but a little disappointing finish, but the putt on 17, you know, it makes me feel a little better.

Q. And I know that we just finished, but really quickly, thinking a little bit about your thoughts on the year, summing up your year on the TOUR.

SPENCER LEVIN: You know, I had a good year. I played pretty well. I made a lot of cuts and played pretty well. I didn't play well on Sunday throughout the year, but the last two tournaments I was right in contention in the last two rounds, and I think I shot 5 under in Vegas and 4 under here.

I only had one bogey total in both of them on this last hole right here, so one bogey this weekend on the last hole is kind of tough, but I feel a little more comfortable playing the final round now. So I feel like I'll do better next year.

Q. Were you guys aware that the bogey on the last hole combined with that Thatcher's par got him to 125 on the Money List??

SPENCER LEVIN: No. So if I would have made that putt, if I wouldn't have if I would have two putted, it wouldn't have really, I didn't know that. He owes me one then.

Q. You knocked Briny Baird out.


Q. In the process.

SPENCER LEVIN: Well, by three putting or by making a birdie on 17?

Q. No. The birdie got him in, and then the three-putt knocked him out.

SPENCER LEVIN: Oh, interesting. Interesting.

Q. Because it affected Roland's, and the money.

SPENCER LEVIN: I got ya. Yeah. That's crazy.

Q. You better avoid Briny Baird for a while. No. I'm joking.

SPENCER LEVIN: He's a good dude, too. I like Briny.

Q. Is that kind of crazy, though, just how much all the stuff kind of happening??

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah. Obviously you don't think about it when you're playing, but you look back and look at it now, you can always do the "what could have happened," but you never look at your fourth shot on Friday.

But yeah, it is kind of crazy when you look at it after it's all said and done.

Q. Can you talk about the grittiness of Roland to be able to come back the way he did and finish strong??

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah. He played solid all day. You know, it's gotta be hard playing with a big lead like that, and I think he came through good.

And those last few holes are hard, and you know, he bogeyed 17 after a perfect drive, which was tough, and he three putted 16. But he hung in there, and you know, that was a tough putt he made there, and hat's off to him. Good for him.

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