What they said: Chris Stroud

November 13, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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MARK STEVENS: Okay. Chris Stroud in second place right now after the third round. If you'll talk about your round today and your thoughts going into tomorrow.

CHRIS STROUD: Today was very similar to yesterday. I drove it very well; I hit it in the fairway.

I haven't hit the ball very close today. The last couple days I haven't. I think that's why I haven't had a chance for birdies. Making tons and tons of pars, which is not bad.

I've got to put the ball close tomorrow. We have four, five, six wedges that we have to hit it close, so I really gotta take advantage.

Q. Chris, you've been playing with Roland all week. At one point he was running away with it, and now you're within four shots of him. What does it feel like now that you're that close??

CHRIS STROUD: It's nice to be closer than I was. I was trying to not pay too much attention to it, but he was running away. I was doing my best to hit the ball close enough to the hole.

Like I said, I never got tomorrow to catch him I've either gotta have a little help or go out there and just hit a lot of closer shots, 10, 15 feet, maybe hit a couple wedges close.

Doing the same thing. I hit the ball nicely off the tee today, kept it in play. And it was just unfortunate. I actually hit two really good putts on 18. I just misread the speed both times. It was slow on the first one coming up.

Other than that, I would have had a nice little solid 69 bogeyless round, which would have been really nice. But played solid. I'm just going to have to go hit a good one tomorrow, nice and low. 6, 7 under, and who knows what Roland's doing. He's playing so well right now, he's going to be hard to beat.

Q. Does it help that you guys are playing four straight days, or will be four straight days??

CHRIS STROUD: It does help. That was our goal in the Pro Am, we played so well the first two days, I said, "Roland, hey, let's go all four days here, keep the mojo and call it Team Houston." We're both from the Houston area.

So we're very happy. I know he's got a lot more on the line than I do, but you know, we both want to win. I wish him the best, and I hope the best man wins tomorrow. I'm going to go after it and see what I can do. Hopefully 6, 7, 8 under tomorrow and see if I can get in front of him.

Q. I don't know how much attention you pay to other people's games when you're out there with them, but what was he doing really well??

CHRIS STROUD: He's driving the ball really, really nicely. I think that drive on 18 was the only drive he missed all day long, and he was just hitting it right down the middle, long. He's hitting his irons close. He was inside me all day long.

And I think that's what had a lot to do with him making so many more putts. He made four, five, six putts again from 10, 15, 20 feet today. And I need a little help tomorrow hopefully.

Q. And how's your shoulder??

CHRIS STROUD: You know, it's much better. Actually today was really good. We did two hours of work last night, and it really helped.

I actually woke up this morning and had very little pain, just had that same little burn on the left side. Other than that, my neck is really good. As long as it's not hurting during my swing, I should be good to go.

MARK STEVENS: Okay. Anything else? Thanks a lot.

CHRIS STROUD: Okay, guys. Thank you. Appreciate it, guys.