What they said: Spencer Levin

November 13, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Spencer, career best tournament a couple of weeks ago in Vegas. You're about to outdo it. Nicely done today, bogey free.

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah. Thanks. I played real solid today. You know, my swing felt good today. I hit a lot of shots. I love this golf course, and I'm happy to have a good one, yeah.

Q. It's a moving day with a lot of guys moving all over the place, and yet, your entire group all moved forward. Did that help that everybody was making some birdies??

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, yeah. Cliff and Johnson are great guys. We've all known each other for a while now.

It was pretty relaxed out there, and everybody was playing good, everybody was hitting good shots. So it was nice to watch that. It was a good vibe for the group.

Q. You like this golf course, don't you? You played it for the first time a year ago and finished Top 30. Good learning experience. You gotta like it here, don't you?

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah. Actually I played here in the Polo Junior back when I was 17, and I won actually.

Q. Did you??

SPENCER LEVIN: So I was happy to come here last year. I played pretty well last year, and I like this golf course. There's something about it. I feel comfortable on a lot of the holes and hopefully I can play well again tomorrow.

Q. Spend that much time in the parks??

SPENCER LEVIN: No, I haven't yet. I think I'll go check it out either tonight or tomorrow. So we'll see.

Q. I think you deserve it. A little night in the park. Go get 'em.

SPENCER LEVIN: Maybe tomorrow night.

Q. Congratulations.

SPENCER LEVIN: Thanks, man.