What they said: Robert Garrigus

November 13, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Robert, 2 under today, 13 under overall. Just give me a sense of what you felt like you accomplished today.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, I didn't do anything stupid. You know, I needed to go out and have some fun. I don't really like roller coasters, but that one was a lot of fun today. I got my price of admission.

It was kind of shaky in the middle of the round on the front and then I got it back and had a good start to the back side and then kind of made a bad swing on 17. It was the only one with the driver all week. You know, it was a lot of fun today, had a good time with the group, and you know, we got it done.

Q. To the middle of the round, you mentioned a little bit shaky. Roland starts to get it rolling. Are you aware, are you looking at boards, getting a sense of what he's doing out there??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, you know, I looked at one point, he was 21. I'm like, gosh, I gotta make a move, and I was trying to birdie 17 and 18. Needed to hit a good drive on 17, kind of lost some mojo there.

But I hit a good drive on 18 and just kind of tugged it a little bit, and it spun off down that hill. You know, I saw what he shot, or what he's shooting. I don't know what he's at right now, but I gotta have a good one tomorrow and we'll see what happens.

Q. So the game plan tomorrow, he actually made double on 17. He's in trouble off the tee on 18. Game plan for tomorrow is just go as low as possible??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, foot to the floor. I can't try and make pars and like, oh, my gosh, I'm 122 on the Money List. I gotta go make birdies all day tomorrow. I've had a six shot lead on the Nationwide Tour, and I know how nerve wracking it is. You never know what they're going to do up there. You just gotta go play your game, have fun and see what happens.

Q. Conditions today, how much different from yesterday? Obviously pin locations were different. How about conditions?

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, the conditions were absolutely perfect. I kind of got I misjudged the shot on 9 and made bogey there. We thought it was into the wind, and it kind of switched down on us. I hit that 7 iron like 220 into the back there, and you know, it was a guessing game with the wind today. It was swirling a little bit, not blowing that much, but that little bit makes a big difference.

The conditions were great. The golf course is phenomenal. I've never seen it in this good of shape. I'm just glad I made that little 5 footer on the last hole and go watch my Ducks win tonight.

Q. Final thing, distance off the tee, it doesn't feel like today you took advantage of your distance. You were hole high on 13 off the tee. Par 5s you did birdie 10. Do you feel like you deprived yourself of a couple of birdies and again, over the hazard on 14 as well??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. I really I didn't take advantage of it, especially on the back side. The front side I thought I did. I laid back on a couple holes actually and got into my yardage, my 150 yardage with my 9 iron and stuffed a couple.

But that tee shot on 16, I hit like 350 and then pulled the wedge over the green, and the one I hit on 18 was probably the same, pulled the wedge. I know what I'm doing. I just gotta stop doing it. I've been working on it and we'll fix it up for tomorrow and we'll go get 'em.

Q. Good luck tomorrow.