What they said: Brian Gay

November 12, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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BRIAN GAY: I've never really done that well on the Mag, but I may have shot 6 under about eight years ago on it or something, but yeah, I had a good run on the back there, four in a row. And hit it pretty good all day, hit my irons better today, and putted well.

Q. The iron play was probably the key to getting the round together today??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I hit a couple I hit a almost tap in on the short hole, 13, and then hit a good wedge on 14. I hit a tap in on 16, so I had some good shots.

Yesterday I was kind of 30 feet all day, just birdied all the par 5s, but I had more chances today.

Q. When you see Roland going out, and I don't know if the 16 was complete by the time you got out on the course, but do you put him in your sights or do you just say, let's see how close we can get to him??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I didn't really I didn't know when I teed off. I got a glimpse of the board out there somewhere and saw he was 16, but I wasn't really worried about it. Didn't think I was going to quite get there anyway.

Q. Did it cross your mind as you started to come around the front side, and you got to 13 under??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. I had a good look at it on 8 and just didn't play enough break, and of course 9, you gotta hit it in the fairway there. I hit it left behind the trees, like 490 into the wind, so kind of put myself in jail off the tee there, but I'm happy with just a good day.

Q. You're doing a fairly good job of keeping up with the girls, too.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. They swept the two firsts, so everything's good.

Q. Have you guys talked about that since Wednesday? Dad, you gotta win now, too?

BRIAN GAY: No. They didn't put any heat on me yet, but they had a good time last night at the party and got their trophies and everything.

Q. Good. Maybe just close out, just talk about your year overall.

BRIAN GAY: Well, it was, you know, it was a pretty good year, tough after last year. I had my best year ever winning twice, so it was kind of tough to follow that up, and a much busier year, more things to handle and stuff going on. But more inconsistent than I would have liked, but not a bad year. Maybe I can make it a little better this week.

Q. Okay. Good luck tomorrow.

BRIAN GAY: Thank you.