What they said: Rory Sabbatini

November 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Rory, a lot of congratulations, first of all, on the new addition on the family.

RORY SABBATINI: Well, thank you. He's been a great addition so far. He's a pretty good spectator being quiet.

Q. I noticed he slept right through your last birdie there at 18. Tell me about the wild round. You put nine birdies on the card.

RORY SABBATINI: Yeah. You know, I'm just unfortunately not feeling exactly the best right now. I'm a little under the weather, but yeah, hit a couple of mishaps out there with the ball striking, but the putter kept me in it all day.

So you know, hit a lot of good putts, made a lot of good birdie putts, and you know, just tried to avoid making too many mistakes out there with the swing.

Q. Beware of the sick golfer. You've played under the weather before. You kind of just tried to stay within yourself, didn't you??

RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. Exactly. So I didn't try to do too much today. As I said, I relied heavily on the putter, and it worked out well for me today.

I managed to take advantage of the par 5s making four birdies on them, and any time you do that in the round makes it a lot easier the rest of the way.

Q. Congratulations also on your work with Harley yesterday. You guys won your division. I think that gives him an exemption next year. I'm not sure if it gets you in, but it gets him in next year.

RORY SABBATINI: I'm sure he'll be very happy. Yeah, we did not know that, so he'll be very excited. Just don't tell him.

Q. Because he'll want the trophy now, won't he??

RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. Exactly. But I think the presentation is tonight, so he'll be ecstatic.

Q. That'll be a great moment for you guys. That's what makes this week special, isn't it??

RORY SABBATINI: It was fun. He hit a lot of good golf shots. I wish I could say I did, but no, it was all him.

Q. There you go. You got that part down already, too. Always defer to the kid. Let him have it.


Q. This is also Veteran's Day, and I know a lot of work that you have done with the military families and whatever. It's a special day all around. You know, maybe somebody has shone down on you and helped you out a little bit today.

RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. And obviously all of the men and women of the military and serving all over the world, I hope they have a wonderful day and they're safe and able to connect with their family members, too.

Q. Good luck to you. Get better. Don't have to stay in the other room so you can enjoy the family and enjoy tomorrow and the Magnolia.

RORY SABBATINI: I appreciate it. Thanks.