What they said: Robert Garrigus

November 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Robert, good putt down at the 18th. We just talked to Rich, who had a similar situation there at the 18th. How was the golf course out there today? Very nice round of 68.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. Thank you. You know, there was a lot of mud balls, like Rich was talking about. I had a mud ball on pretty much I hit the fairway probably 11 times today, which I usually don't do, so I don't have mud balls. I'm usually in the rough.

But the golf course is in absolutely perfect shape. I've never seen this golf course in this good of shape, and the other golf course is the same. The greens have never been this fast. I think that's why there's not 8 and 9 under right now. They're pretty slick.

But you know, the rough's a little down, and the wind is starting to pick up a little bit, but you know, it was a great day. I had fun with Rich. He's a great guy, and we had a good time.

Q. It's all about position on the Money List. I think a lot of folks would be surprised if they found out where you are on the Money List. How do you approach this week at 122? It's the last week. You got a place to play, but everybody remembers the close call in Memphis. How are you approaching this week?

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, Memphis and last year was really a stepping stone. You know, like I told everybody, I've never been in that situation before. And I didn't know how to handle it. I needed to slow down then.

And today I took everything one shot at a time, and I slowed down, wasn't jittery. I wasn't nervous. I swung really well. I rolled some good putts in, made that 10 footer on the last for par, and that always makes lunch taste a little better.

Q. Indeed it does. You're talking about slowing down. That's in your routine. Pace of play can be an issue at these tournaments. Let me just say, you guys didn't slow down at all. You were flying out there. That had to be a lot of fun.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. They told us that the group behind us is still on 14. So they said that was probably the fastest round they'd ever seen by a foursome, you know, in any of these events. So that was kind of fun to get into a pace of things.

Tomorrow's going to be a lot slower. I'll have to slow things down. I might bring my iPod out and listen to some music and relax a little bit. But you know, I'm having a good time this week.

And last year gave me a good idea of what I was going to be feeling like, because I was in the exact same position. I was 122 last year and came out here and didn't think the right way and didn't play the right way. So this start is much better.

Q. Excellent. Good start. Congratulations.


Q. Robert, if I could ask one more question. Can you summarize a little bit your year? You mentioned 122 on the Money List right now. Just summarize your year a little bit, being as this is the last tournament for the year.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, I've had a great year. I've had 21 tournaments to make my money, and I didn't think I was going to get that many. I thought I was going only to get to play in 15 or 16.

So I've had a great year, I've had five chances, four really good chances to win. And that's how I look at my years. I don't you know, if I make a whole bunch of cuts and finish 45th, I think that's a failure. I've made probably 10 or I want to say 13 or 14 cuts, and I've had a chance to win 4 times.

And I had a really good chance to win in Memphis, but you know, I just didn't know how to handle it, like I said, and you know, that's golf. If you keep going and keep hitting shot for shot, I know I can win.

You know, it's a lot of fun to be out here and playing golf, and any time I get to play on the PGA TOUR, regardless of my status, I'm grateful, so I've had a great year.

Q. Thank you so much.