What they said: Chris Stroud

November 11, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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PHIL STAMBAUGH: All right. We'll go ahead and get started. Chris, a bogey free round today of 10 under. If you want to talk about the highlights. Looked like they were all highlights.

CHRIS STROUD: You know, I have been playing so well in the Fall Series. I had trouble back in California and withdrew, so I was just happy to be able to play this week.

But yeah, today, really the biggest hole I think today was my ninth hole, No. 18. I actually hooked it into the hazard left off the tee, and got it up and down from 210 into the wind, got it up and down with a 4 iron from 210 into the wind blowing like it was plowing 225. I hit an awesome shot to like 15 feet, made a 15 footer for par down the hill.

And that was just like a momentum swing from that nine to the next nine. It just kept me rolling. And when you're not making bogeys, man, you can just shoot some great scores. I'm just making a lot of putts. That's all it really came down to. I didn't hit the ball that great today. I mean I've hit the ball much better than I did today, but I just got it in play.

When I get inside 150 yards, I really try my best to grind on it and get that thing really, really close to the hole and give myself as many chances as possible. Pretty simple really.


Q. I'm just curious, particularly the Palm course has such a reputation for firing a low score. You come out and you see that 6 under is really the best thing that's out there. Do you still feel somebody's gotta shoot a low score out here??

CHRIS STROUD: You know, this is my fourth year on TOUR, and the thing I've seen, no matter what golf course we play, no matter how hard they set it up, no matter how hard the conditions, somebody always shoots 62, 3 or 4. And the PGA TOUR is just amazing.

It just happens to be me this week. Like I said, I've played so many rounds I feel like I've played better than that. I scored better today. I made a lot of putts. I got up and down every time when I had to. But The Palm course is definitely, it's flatter greens. I'd say it's a little bit more difficult off the tee than the Magnolia course, but from fairway to the green and around the greens is much easier because it's much flatter. There's not these huge lips. There's not a ton of undulation on the greens. So if you give yourself a lot of looks, you can make some putts out there.

Q. Also, it kind of ran right by me. You said you ran into a little trouble in California??

CHRIS STROUD: Yeah. I had to withdraw. Sunday I was like T20. Basically all I had to do was just shoot 75, and it was a little chilly on Sunday, but I teed off on the first hole, and I had to withdraw. And that money basically if I would have shot even par, I think I would've made 50 or 60 grand. That would have locked my card up for the year, and it probably would have changed my whole schedule. I probably wouldn't have played Vegas. Maybe played Vegas and gone home instead of coming here because I don't want to risk getting hurt more.

But basically I have a microscopic tear or strain, same thing, in the very small part of my trap in my right side, and luckily I found this guy who's been out here years before, but he came out here. He happened to be there in Vegas and helped me out. I wasn't able to swing the club in Vegas.

But anyway, I had to withdraw in California. That money went unofficial, so it's like me missing the cut. Instead of me shooting 72 and locking my card up, and I think I shot 65 on Saturday, made a big move. Just a huge loss in momentum.

It's just been a weird year like that. I was playing well all the way up in the FedEx, Top 10 at West Virginia. And I then I didn't make the cut at Greensboro, and I got jumped out of the FedEx, so I didn't get the FedEx. It's been weird. I've played so well, I feel like, but the momentum has just not been there this year for me.

So I've just had to do like I've always done in the Fall Series, just grind through it and play well, and I think I've made 3, 4, 5, 600 grand in the Fall Series every year. I think because of endurance and a little rest from the FedEx and the weather is warm. Who knows. Whatever it is, I'm going to keep playing. I know that.

Q. Were there any doubts about your shoulder, your trap coming out here this week??

CHRIS STROUD: Absolutely. I mean same thing. He came to my house on the two weeks off he came to my house last week. He flew in from LA. I live in Houston, and he worked on me for two and a half days straight, two hours at a time, and it still didn't fix it all.

What's happening is the right side is good now, but the little part is almost like a dead zone. It's just kind of sitting there, so the left side is compensating. The left side is really stiff on me. It feels like if you did a ton of curls or something and your biceps starts burning, that left side is burning on the exact opposite of my vertebrae.

So I'm sitting there all day just trying to rub it and keep it from it's in constant pain. Usually when I wake up it's the worst.

So I don't know. I don't know. I'm just doing my best to just keep playing and stay healthy, and luckily he's here this week, so I'll be good to go. He's like my insurance policy, I guess.

Q. Are you going to need any kind of operation or anything??

CHRIS STROUD: No operation. I got an MRI done in Vegas Tuesday, after that happened in California, to double check and make sure I didn't really hurt something.

They said it's consistent with a minor strain slash tear which is a microscopic tear. Nothing to really be concerned over. It's not like they said if I went out and played and I did it again, it wouldn't make it career ending. It would just make it lock up again.

But basically I was playing with Justin Leonard and Charlie Wi on Sunday. I teed off on the first hole. It's cool in California. My second shot of the first hole I hit it, I'm like, oh, that didn't feel good. 30 seconds later I couldn't move.

I had to hold my arm, and I couldn't even bend over to putt. I couldn't move. It was crazy. First time I've ever had anything like that. So just playing too much golf. I need to get on that 20 event schedule like everybody else. I gotta quit playing these 27, 28 events every year.

But I'm getting better. I've just gotta keep going. I've got four years out here now, and hopefully keep it going this week. And who knows, may be the leader at the end of four days. That's the plan.

Q. How tough is it going to be you got three more days of golf here.

CHRIS STROUD: Physically it's the hardest. Mentally I'm great. I'm fresh. Two weeks off. I'm happy. My thoughts are good. The mind's pretty clear, so just basically first time I've ever had a physical ailment, you know, really holding me back, so basically just every shot just try not to think about it and just keep rubbing it, keep it in check.

And basically the doc, he's kind of out there roaming around. He's working with a few other players out here, and he's first time I need him I'll call him. If I need him, he'll run over. But I haven't had to do that yet, so hopefully it stays that way.

Q. You getting the work done in the room??

CHRIS STROUD: Yeah, in the trailer before the round, after the round. Tonight he's actually staying with my wife and I in our condo. We have a three bedroom condo. He's staying with me this week so he can really work on me at night and in the morning.

I'm having to wake up extra early. Tomorrow I tee off at 7:15. We're going to be up probably at 4:30 working on this thing for 30 minutes. He said basically right now with me playing, the best thing I could do is take about two weeks off and not do anything, just rest it more, and it would probably go away. It would be okay. It would be like a small strain or something you have, but with me playing, it's just kind of band aiding, just putting Band Aids on, just making sure that it's not going to get any worse.

I have a lot of confidence in him. He said I'm going to be fine. He's fixing me up every day. I'm pretty confident I'm going to be okay. So pretty happy about it.

Q. What's his name??

CHRIS STROUD: Dr. Charles Bareilles. He's been out here before. B A R E I L L E S. From LA. He's a how do you say it? He is a I forgot. He's got like 10 titles. But he's probably around. You'll see him this week, don't worry.

Q. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you had a Top 10 here a couple years ago??

CHRIS STROUD: I did, actually. My caddy reminded me. I forgot about this. Two years ago I didn't play last year because we had a baby in November. So we didn't play. She was having the baby this week.

So we came out this year, and my caddy was telling me today two years ago I made a putt on the last hole for like a 6 footer for par, and it got me in Hawaii without having full status because I Top 10'd.

And somebody told me, hey, you get in Hawaii now because you Top 10'd. So I went into Q School, and I think I finished 133 or something on the Money List, went back to Q School with that confidence, and I got my card back, so I was good to go. Pretty cool. I got some good vibes here. I like this place.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Thanks a lot, Chris.