What they said: Alex Prugh

October 17, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. A good tournament. It took Rocco to hole not one, not two, not three, but four shots. Your thoughts on the finish. You had a great start to the year. Came back on the bentgrass and poana, and are starting to finish it off pretty well.

ALEX PRUGH: You know, I played well today. It was tough conditions out there. The greens got a lot softer, you had to control your spin. I think 17 is my new favorite hole. Last couple days I've had a total of like three feet for eagle combined.

I was just really happy to make the putt on the last hole for birdie and make Rocco at least think about his putt just a little bit more.

I had a great day. You know, just didn't end up on top.

Q. I know you thought going in this week that your number wasn't as safe as it could be, and you definitely took care of business. That's got to make you feel pretty good about having a job next year.

ALEX PRUGH: It definitely does. I knew I pretty am playing this -- I played this week and I'm playing next week. I kind of just for my own comfortable sake needed to make at least one of the cuts, make a little bit more money.

Fortunately I got myself out there. I had a great crew with me, my wife and one of my best friends on the bag. We just had a great week and had fun really.

Q. Great rookie season. Have fun next year.

ALEX PRUGH: All right. Thank you.