What they said: Ryuji Imada

October 15, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. All right. Got to ten under. You are in the final group. Kind of talk a little bit about the round today.

RYUJI IMADA: Today was a little bit more of a struggle compared to yesterday. Yesterday was, you know, straightforward. Just a lot of fairways and greens and a lot of good putts. But today was a little bit of a struggle, especially starting off. Missed the green -- missed the fairway on 10, which was my first hole, and missed the green -- and then I got really lucky on my chip. I didn't quite hit it very crisp, but I got it to about three feet and I was able to make that.

And next hole I missed the green to the right again, and I was able to get that up and down. And (indiscernible).

12, I missed the fairway left. And unlike yesterday, I had a good lie today. So I was able to hit that second shot up there close enough where I can hit my wedge. And I made a par.

14, 15 -- what the hell was the par 5? That was the par 5. 15, had a pretty good tee shot. Hit a 3-iron to the right fairway. Had about 50 yards to the green and hit that to about 7 feet, and I was able to make that. And that took a little bit of pressure off of me.

And 17, I made about a 20-footer down the hill. And 18, hit it about five feet to the right of the den. I missed that.

1, had a good tee shot. Didn't quite hit a good second shot but I was able to make about 20 feet from the right of the pin on 1. And 3, I was in between hitting 3-iron and 4-iron on a par 3. And I went with a 4-iron, and I just put a really bad swing on it. And I came up about 30 yards short left and caught a really good lie. Chipped it up to about 4 feet and made that.

And the next hole, I got a pretty bad lie in the rough on the left side. Hit it to the right of the green, and I was able to get that up and down.

5, I hit a two utility off a tee. Had about a 180 to the pin and hit it about 12 feet, and it was a good putt.

And on 8, had a really good tee shot down the right side of the fairway. And I hadn't really been hitting too many shots to the right. And the pin was on the right, and I was just trying to get it close obviously. And I came up out of it. I was on a down slope. And I pushed it way right, and I made my first bogey of the week, which was really bad.

But I didn't want to finish off the day with a bad taste in my mouth. So I hit a good tee shot on 9, good second shot and decent third shot. I had about 10 feet past the hole.

And Pat hit a putt about the same line, and I would have never guessed it to go left. And his putt went actually a little bit left and I couldn't -- I still can't believe it, but I tried to end just straight and I actually almost missed it on the left side. It was a good way to finish. It was a good round all in all.

Q. It sounds like you were scrambling a lot today. One bogey in two rounds, you must be really happy with where you're at considering, you know --

RYUJI IMADA: Well, considering how I have been playing the last three weeks, I'm really happy.

But I'm hitting my irons well. I'm putting well. And, you know, I have been getting some good breaks. So, hopefully, I can keep that going for the next two days.

Q. Does this kind of wipe out the memory on the last few weeks of how you have been playing??

RYUJI IMADA: No. (Laughter).

You know, I have been thinking about, you know, finishing the job for the year, you know, securing myself for the next year. And I haven't been able to do that. And instead, it has been a really frustrating few weeks.

Hopefully I can play well the next few days and secure it for next year, hopefully the next two years.

Q. What do you consider the difference now? I mean, you have been playing not the best golf and now all of a sudden, was there something that clicked or something that you are doing differently?

RYUJI IMADA: It is funny because I live in Florida. I have lived in Florida for almost 20 years and I still don't like Bermuda grass. Every time I come to the West Coast I feel comfortable and I like the golf course. And I think that's the difference.

Q. You got a cold or allergies??

RYUJI IMADA: Allergies.

Q. How long has that been going??

RYUJI IMADA: About the last three weeks.

Q. Is it bothering your play??

RYUJI IMADA: I don't think it is bothering my play. But it is definitely -- definitely bothers me, yeah.

Q. You are in the last group. What's your thought on going into the weekend now??

RYUJI IMADA: I am just going to be blowing my nose all day. Hopefully not in a back swing. (Indiscernible).

Q. He wouldn't mind it.

RYUJI IMADA: I'm just going to try to do the same thing. Hopefully I can stay calm, not feel too much pressure. And if I can just keep the ball in the fairway, I think good things will happen.

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