What they said: David Duval

October 15, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You want to just talk about bogey-free round today.

DAVID DUVAL: You know, I kind of hit the ball like I did for about 10 or 11 holes yesterday. I hit it like that all day today and just played soft.

I guess you could say maybe I came close on the third hole, my 12th, and made a 10-footer for a par. Other than that, wasn't real close to a bogey.

Q. Did you leave any others out there, you think??

DAVID DUVAL: We always complain about leaving shots out there. All in all, I'm just very pleased.

Q. You played real well right down the road earlier in the year at Pebble. Is there something about this area??

DAVID DUVAL: I like California. I like out West playing. I don't know. I just -- I felt like, you know, I have gone through some changes recently, feeling really good about what I was going through. (Indiscernible).

Felt like I hit the ball pretty well. Just had a few mistakes. Came here and just have gotten a rhythm to play so far.

Q. I don't know it being the last pairing yet, you are right there in contention. What do you --


Q. Rocco is at 13.

DAVID DUVAL: You know, I don't know. You can't control what other folks do. All I can try to do is contain and hit the golf ball solid like I have and have a solid approach, and that won't change.

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