What they said: Charles Howell III

October 10, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Charles, eight birdies, no bogeys, best round of the week. That's a pretty good day's work.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. Unfortunately it came on Sunday. But you know, early, especially the front, I don't know, front nine, first 12 holes or so, the wind was pretty calm, so it was out there, and got a few more putts to fall in today, and the greens were so good in the morning. There was really not much excuse to miss them.

Q. You know, you had a bogey in your opening round, I think the fourth hole. And then you had a triple yesterday at 16. Those are your only two blemishes in the whole week. Do you ever look back and say what if??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, especially yesterday, because I really played well the first 14 holes yesterday, and I didn't putt well and was hanging in there until I tripled 16, and yeah, you always look back and say kind of what if here and there, but today I finally putted quite a bit better than I have been the last few weeks and makes all the difference in scoring.

Q. You know, I followed you back in your college days, and I've never seen a better collegiate player, and today I saw that confidence. I mean when you get it going, man, you really get it going, don't you??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. Those were the good days. No, you're right. I'm getting better at it. I don't know -- I don't know why -- why some days I make it more difficult than it used to be, but I guess that's part of golf and part of learning. But I understand what you're saying.

Q. I mean you really played well. I saw your dad and your wife out there in this beautiful location. It's been a good week for you.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. Sea Island's a great spot. I'm glad McGladrey stepped up to do the event and hopefully the reviews are good and we can keep coming here for many years because it's a heck of a spot.

Q. And what's your plans now for the next few weeks??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I'm going to play Vegas and Disney. So there are a couple more left, and you can't miss Vegas, and Disney is just so much fun, so it's really good.

Q. Hope you draw on this round because you played good today.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Q. What's your opinion of this week? Put a lot of pressure on your putter today. You needed to hit a lot of them close?

CHARLES HOWELL III: No. I hit them close, but the putts I did need to make I made, which is a lot better story than how it's been the last few weeks, but you'll not find a pro that doesn't complain about his putting. That's not hard to do.

Q. What are you going to do the rest of the afternoon? Are you going to hang around just in case?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah. I'll be here because we're staying here tonight anyway. We might go fish or something. It's too nice of a spot.

Q. How helpful was -- first of all, how often have you played this course maybe going back to your junior days, something like that, and if you have played it very often, how helpful was that??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I've played it probably 10 or 12 times, but I'd say 18 made a bigger difference because Heath's played it a ton, especially the greens -- some of the greens that sit right on the marsh have a bit more grain than others. There's a few putts out there that he read that I didn't see that he was correct on.

You know what, also, especially I think early in the week, too, getting some lines off the tees in different wind. We started the week in the north wind, now it's come back out of the south. So yeah, it's nice to have a guy that's played and seen it a lot, yeah.

Q. How much are you playing and what are you trying to get in in the Fall Series??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I played Viking last week and here, and then Vegas and Disney, four or five. Playing because it's my job. And well, two fold. Obviously I need to move up the Money List. There's always --

Q. Where are you, ballpark??

CHARLES HOWELL III: 65ish, so I always need to move up the Money List. But also I'm trying to work on some stuff. My golf teacher's been here the last few days. It's good for him to watch and see. Maybe try a few things on the golf course that I'm trying to incorporate in that I'm not quite comfortable with. I think the Fall Series is great for two of those reasons, obviously for the guys to work on that, but also to get -- you still want to play. You still want to be able to play and not have to go around the world to do it. So it's nice to have these events.

Q. How much did you do in '07 and 8 and 9 if you recall??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I think I played every event in the fall but one. I've never played Frys. Every year I've played every one but Frys.

Q. Have you always -- you've (indiscernible)?(indiscernible)?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, and I still play. Yeah. I enjoy playing. I mean I think a lot of times far too much emphasis is put on how much a guy has made or what the purse is. With a spot like this, I promise you the field will get better and better. And you'd have gotten a few more guys this week had it not been for the Ryder Cup last week.

So yeah, you still need to play. There's no sense in playing your last golf tournament let's say the first week of September and then going all the way until January and not playing. So why not play over here as opposed to having to go around the world to do it.

Q. You're not going to Malaysia, I take it??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I'm not in it.

Q. Would you have wanted to??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Oh, yeah. I would have gone. Yeah, yeah. But I could have still come back and played Disney.

Q. Charles, are you this good or have you gotten better at putting things like No. 16 yesterday behind you??

CHARLES HOWELL III: I'm getting better at it. I don't know if anybody ever gets great at it, but I'm getting better at it. That was just disappointing because I played well all day and didn't score any, but was playing well. That shot wasn't that bad of a drive. It's just the ball kicked back in the hazard but still made triple. But I'm getting better at it.

I wouldn't say that anybody is probably great at it, but it's part of the game, unfortunately.

Q. And maybe you leave it to people like us. At any point this afternoon would you have thought, wow, if I hadn't made that triple, I might be leading the tournament right now? Does that stuff cross your mind?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, I mean not maybe necessarily directly, but I think looking back now on it, I look back and I made a bogey and a triple this week and those are my only missed shots and I look back at those things, and for sure, that triple is three shots squandered right there. It's a tough one, but especially when it's a triple and not a bogey.

Q. Or you just think about it because I'm mean enough to bring it up.

CHARLES HOWELL III: No. It's the truth. It's a fact. I can deal with that.

Q. Mike was saying something for the effect of some of these Fall Series events, it's wrong to call them -- I forgot the word he used, mini tournaments is what I'm going to translate it to.


Q. Not quite as strong of field, not as big of fields.


Q. He said it's still a golf tournament, still just as special to win it.

CHARLES HOWELL III: True. I totally agree with him. And I've agreed with him since '07 when we started having these, and somehow they got classified as an invisible asterisk besides them.

If you win some of these tournaments, you should get in the Masters. I don't understand why -- how you can make a decision where if a guy wins a Fall Series event he's not in the Masters. I don't understand that. It's a PGA TOUR event. You look at the field we have this week.

You know, I think sometimes decisions like that are made that aren't the best decisions.

Q. Probably (indiscernible).

CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, it probably does. I mean you start going down and watch what the field is here next year, and it will be. And you'll see guys like Furyk show up, I would guess, Hunter Mahan, Sean O'Hair. A lot of guys that were in the Ryder Cup.

So yeah, I really don't know how that invisible asterisk showed up, but it isn't right to the sponsors, but I think sponsors and people like McGladrey that show up kind of see through that a bit, and it'll go away.

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