What they said: Robert Allenby

October 10, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Robert, I know that was a tough finish there. Take us through the drive on the last hole.

ROBERT ALLENBY: You know, I struggled with it all week. I get in the hazard on the right, I think it was Friday, make a double bogey there. I mean that hole's cost me four shots this week, just in two bad drives.

I don't know. You know, out of all the holes out there, 16 and 18 were the two holes that just didn't quite set up right for my tee shots, and I just struggled. And I couldn't pick a shot, and I just let my natural ability take over and just hit it hard and hit through whatever fear I was thinking, and I just blocked the crap out of it; and it was just a horrendous shot. So that's the swing I've been struggling with for a few months now, so it's not just that one shot.

You know, I've been struggling a little bit with that block. And you know, I've been working hard with my coach, Darren May, to try and fix it. And I thought I'd fixed it, you know, yesterday. I thought I'd really got rid of it, and you know, obviously a bit more pressure this afternoon, but you know, it was just a bad swing.

And it just doesn't set up for my tee shot on 18. And you know, maybe I should have hit 3-wood. Would've left myself a longer shot in, but I probably would have been a lot better off.

Q. I know it's tough to look at it now, but a lot of positives as well. 66, 66 finish on the weekend. Just comment on the week as a whole.

ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah. I mean I've had a great week. This is a great course. It's a great place to come to. It's been really nice. The weather's just been perfect. You know, I really look forward to coming back here again. I mean the people have been so nice.

You know, hopefully next year they'll get a few more fans out here. I know there's not many people that live on this island. But you know hopefully they'll get a few more. You know, I really had a good week, but you know, the greens sort of did me in a bit.

The greens are -- they're quality greens, but they're just a bit more grainy here, but you know, had I made a couple of more putts, I would have won easily. I mean I hit it well enough the last two days to really win the tournament by five or six shots, but I just didn't have it on the greens early in the week. Obviously it was a _______ drive as well.

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