What they said: Bill Haas

October 09, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Everything going okay for you??

BILL HAAS: Everything's good. Golf wise, I can't complain.

Q. Can you complain about anything else? I mean we are in a pretty fabulous place here.

BILL HAAS: No, you're right. That was miss-said there. This is a pretty sweet place. The weather has been spectacular. I got, like you said, nothing to complain about.

Q. I have to ask about Mike over here. Missed a big week last week. Has he been riding you pretty hard this week to get back in the winner's circle??

BILL HAAS: Not really. He was pumped for me no matter what. That was disappointing he wasn't on the bag there, but I think hopefully we can get him in that winner's circle again.

Q. When you saw this golf course for the first time earlier this week, what were your impressions??

BILL HAAS: Very good. Immaculate condition. The layout is -- it's tricky because if you drive it well and you can cut off -- if you go over some of the marsh and cut it off, you can have a lot of wedges in your hand and shoot a good score, and I think a lot of guys were doing that today with the -- not much wind at all out there. You can get it if you drive the ball well, but it can easily sneak up on you and you can make double out there real quick.

Q. You haven't done that. You've had a pretty clean scorecard through the first two days, just a couple of bogeys.


Q. Obviously you're still rolling it as well as you were last week.

BILL HAAS: Yeah. Feels good. I've hit a lot of greens. Yesterday I got a little loose in the middle of the round. But other than that, like today actually I really struck the ball nicely and was happy with that.

So I'm going to go watch some football this afternoon and hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same.

Q. Get some rest, keep it going. It's been fun to watch.

BILL HAAS: Yeah. Appreciate it.