What they said: Brian Gay

October 08, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic Transcript archive Q. For one of the best putters in the world these greens are really nice. You can get a lot of putting on these things.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, the greens are really good. Burned the edges for the final round, and I got a couple to go in, but yesterday the birdies were really short and I got a couple to go in today, though.

Q. Why do you play these courses so well? I mean obviously Hilton Head is similar in some ways, but it is oceanside, seaside. Why do you play so well?

BRIAN GAY: Well, obviously here you gotta hit the ball in the fairway, which didn't start off driving it that great.

You get it in the short Bermuda rough you just can't control the ball, which of course, you can't get it on the green and avoid the runoff. So it's about ball placement.

Q. And you grew up playing Bermuda greens; right??

BRIAN GAY: Absolutely. That's what I liked about it.

Q. Talk about the weekend. I mean you're right there. Obviously feels good.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, yeah. I'm looking forward to it. Off to a good start is all you can ask for, and I look forward to two more days.

Q. We talked to David Toms about Florida and LSU. We know who he was going for. Gators at home, you like your chances??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. I think they should bounce back good after the whooping they took last week. So should be a good game.

Q. That was a whooping.

BRIAN GAY: It was in fact. It was painful to watch after that first drive when they went for it and didn't make it.

Q. Right. Thanks, man. Play good this weekend.

BRIAN GAY: Thank you.

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