What they said: Rich Barcelo

October 08, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic Transcript archive Q. Through 36 holes. Talk about what's been going right for you these first two days.

RICH BARCELO: Well, ball's going in the hole, which has been -- hasn't been the case the last few months. So I've been kind of in a little rut. Nevertheless, working hard, and practice has been very good, and just haven't been able to take it to the course; and the last two days I've been able to take it to the course.

Q. When you guys get in ruts, and you haven't made a cut since sometime in July. Does your confidence wane or you just stay on the cue stick and what I'm doing, keep working hard and things are going to come around??

RICH BARCELO: It's hard to keep your confidence level up when you're having a hard time, and it just goes to show that it's a hard game and you practice every day and things don't go your way sometimes. All I can do is just keep working on things that I'm working on with my coaches, and believe in my system and what I'm doing, and hopefully things will work out.

Q. Is it something specific that's gone so right these first 36 holes??

RICH BARCELO: I'm definitely putting the ball well, and I've been putting well all year. I just haven't been able to give myself opportunities, from driving it in the rough.

This week the rough's very penalizing. It seems to just go straight to the bottom, and we've been finding some fairways this week, which is nice, so it's a different game when you're hitting it in the fairway.

Q. Rich you go out today and first hole, you hole in a 40-footer. That's a nice wakeup.

RICH BARCELO: It's a good way to start your day. You know, I told myself I want to hit the fairway and hit the first green, and that's what I did, and luckily the putt went in and we got off to a good start.

Q. Par-5s reached up and bit you a little bit today. You hit one in the water on the first one and didn't make birdie on the second one. Do you feel like you gave a couple back there??

RICH BARCELO: Especially since there's only two. Those are good scoring opportunities. But you know, I birdied a lot of the par-3s so far this week. You know, you never know what's going to happen. All you can do is try to hit your shot the best you can and see where they end up.

Q. Rich, where has this been coming from? It's been a struggle for you since about Memphis. I think you made one cut, but obviously you found something. When did you find it and what's working?

RICH BARCELO: Well, I found it the week before Boise. I went and played a Nationwide tournament. And I went to go see my instructor, and we found something in my swing that was very glaring that we had overlooked. And oddly enough, it was something not to do with anything we'd ever been looking at before. We'd been so caught up in what the club was doing, and we weren't looking at what my lower body was doing; and really found something that I've been keying on, and I'm really excited.

Q. Isn't it amazing how sometimes that'll happen and you're looking for everything else and it was just right there in front of you??

RICH BARCELO: We both looked at each other, and the light went off and we go, how after four years have we never seen this?

Q. After four years??

RICH BARCELO: Well, I've been with the same instructor for four years, but it's never been addressed. I feel that it's always been an issue, but we've never really -- it's never really popped out. And right now it popped out, and it's just a soft, left leg going through impact.

You hear people talking about posting up on your left leg, but you can't post-up and rotate if your left leg is bent and soft through impact, and I think that's what I was doing, and consequently the club was getting behind.

And I had some shoulder issues, which was due to my golf swing, so that's part of the reason why things haven't been going well. I've been fighting some injuries, but you know, now I feel great and hopefully things are on the right track.

Q. I was just saying, once you get something like that fixed, all of a sudden if you get some results out of it, it changes everything, doesn't it??

RICH BARCELO: It definitely makes practice fun when you feel like you're practicing the right thing rather than going out and trying to find something every day that might work. I feel like I'm practicing on the same things every day, and I think that's a big key to what's going on this week.

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