What they said: Boo Weekley

October 06, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. A TOUR event is going to play out there. What do you think??

BOO WEEKLEY: I think it's going to be good. I mean you gotta drive it well. Greens are a little firm. They're acceptable, but they're a little firm.

I think it's going to be a good time. I mean it's a great golf course, great layout, you know. I mean if the wind blows just a little bit, it's going to make it even tougher, you know.

I mean in the morning time I think you're going to be able to take advantage a little bit before the wind really picks up. But it's a great layout.

Q. Does your experience with Hilton Head help you at all out here? I know there's more open holes than Hilton Head.

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah. I mean I don't look at it like that. I just look at it as, you know, it's just another golf course, another tournament, you know. You just gotta go out there and figure out how to play it. Whoever drives it the best this week is going to have full advantage.

Q. Hitting fairways??

BOO WEEKLEY: You got to hit the fairway out here. The rough, the ball goes straight down into the rough, and a couple of lies that I got yesterday just tinkering around out there playing, you can't advance it very far.

Now, you might get lucky and get a decent lie where you can kind of step on it and jump and make a little flyer and sink it to the bottom or something. It's whoever hits the fairways right now.

Q. How fast are the greens??

BOO WEEKLEY: Compared to last week they're a little slow. I mean last week them things were probably 11 or 12 last week, and this week they're probably about a 10.

Q. Did you watch any Ryder Cup at all??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah. I watched a little bit of it yesterday morning.

Q. Do you feel for those guys a little bit??

BOO WEEKLEY: I do. I mean they put up a good fight. I mean I thought under the conditions that they were in, you know, it's always tough going on somebody else's soil and trying to compete, but at the same time I thought they did real good.

Q. Would you have thought, you know, the middle of Sunday when things aren't going real well, and you know, I think they probably wouldn't think it would've come down to the last match. Probably didn't think they'd even have that chance.

BOO WEEKLEY: They never give up. I mean that's one thing about every one of them guys that were over there. I mean there ain't none of them got no quit in them. I mean you're always fighting, scratching. You never know.

I mean I ain't disappointed in them. I just feel disappointed that they put up such a hard fight there coming down the stretch and it just didn't quite happen. And unfortunately, you know, the Europeans won it.

But I think, you know, we learned a lot. A lot of the guys that were there learned a lot about themselves. That was one thing that I can always say that I take back from my experience in 2008 is you learn who you are as a player and you learn how to deal with some of the certain situations that you get yourself in. And I think it's going to be good in the next two years coming around when we play again, I think we'll have a little bit more experience then.