What they said: Vaughn Taylor

October 06, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Mr. Moore says you've actually played here at these courses.

VAUGHAN TAYLOR: I actually haven't played much. I've only played a couple of times on them. I usually just come down and get a lesson and practice and then I just drive back home.

Q. Have you ever been curious as to how a TOUR event would go off on especially the Seaside Course??


Q. How do you think it's going to score and what kind of condition it's in??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah. I was always curious to see how it actually would. And I hear there's some rough out there, and a lot of it is probably based on the wind.

You know, times I played the wind wasn't blowing, so it was pretty benign, but I imagine if the wind is blowing, it's going to be tough. You know, I think a lot depends on the weather.

Q. Do you generally like seaside courses like this, got some marsh, got some views like that??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah. I do. It's beautiful, you know. Any time you're close to the water, you know, playing bad, you can look out and kind of get away a little bit.

But yeah, I mean four hours from here, three, four hours from home, any time you're this close to home, it's great.

Q. Can you comment on your season up to this point, Vaughn??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I've played well this year. Been working hard on my game, and the results have been good, so I'm pleased with the way things have done. And you know, looking forward to maybe getting a W here in the next few weeks, and try to get back in the Masters.

Q. What is your schedule over the next few weeks??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I'm going to play in the next three, and then play Disney if I have to.

Q. This place has been here for eight years, never been a money TOUR event. But it's also been pretty notable. A lot of people know Sea Island and everything. Is it kind of odd that it's taken this long to get the TOUR here??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Possibly. I mean, you know, I don't know the ins and outs of what exactly it takes to get a TOUR event.

You know, I think it's great for the community, the course. You know, it's always been a really nice place, and it's a place I enjoy coming. And it's fun to come here and play a tournament.

Q. The weather has been a holdup all week and everything, but October in Georgia is pretty good.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah. It's definitely a good time of the year. It cools down, and you can tell fall's around the corner, and it's a beautiful, beautiful day.

Q. Do the rules guys back off any in the Fall Series as far as setting up? Are they going to make it just as difficult or do they kind of give you guys an easy score when it comes to these last few events?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I think they stay pretty consistent. You know, it all depends on the courses. I mean obviously during the year we play some more difficult, old-school golf courses here and there. And you know, some courses might not be that difficult to begin with, so you know, I think they stay pretty consistent with the setup, though.

Q. What do you think's happening with the state of U.S. golf? I mean we've gotten to the point now where it's rare when the United States wins the rider.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah. Seems like we struggle in four-ball. Singles, you know, I think we check tend to do better and it's not a problem with singles matches.

Just somewhere along the way four-ball isn't playing. Section 3 was obviously where we got hurt. I don't know what it is. It's hard to put a finger on it.

You know, playing over there is probably the most difficult part of it. I think playing on home turf we're more comfortable and we'll probably have better a chance.

But you know, those guys are good. They're the top players, and they bring it. They didn't back down from us. So it's tough. A bunch of good guys, good players getting together and battling it out.

Q. You got two years to get ready for the next one, don't you??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I do. It'll be nice. I think it's in Medinah. Is that right?

Q. Yes.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: That'll be great to go over and play there. I'm sure it'll be intense there as well.