What they said: Ryan Moore

September 12, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: BMW Championship transcript archive Q. You did one of the two things you wanted to do today.

RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I was actually pretty proud of how I played today, other than didn't get a lot out of my round, and that always kills you to bogey the last hole there. But it's going to get me into Atlanta, so that's at least a little bonus at the end.

Q. It's always tough in a final round when you're in it, particularly if you don't think like you have it, to try to get it. Did you ever get into panic mode at all??

RYAN MOORE: No, that's what I was pretty proud of today. I was relaxed all day and kind of plodded along on the front and hit a lot of good iron shots and just didn't play in that really good birdie range ever and made a lot of pars.

I got a really unfortunate break on 11, hit a spectator and just shot straight out of bounds. You know, that was hard to take right then, but I was proud I hit some good shots right after that and made a birdie a couple holes later, and I was back in the mix.

Q. You were still in the hunt all the way down the stretch.

RYAN MOORE: Yeah, it's not over until it's over on this golf course, and that's one thing I kept telling myself all day long; let's just keep trying and see what happens.

Q. At 18 did you know what you needed through the hole? How did that hole work?

RYAN MOORE: No, I had no idea. I knew I wanted to get that up-and-down, that's all I knew. I know there's people out there calculating it, but I tried not to worry about it. I was trying to give myself a putt for par.

Q. (Inaudible.)

RYAN MOORE: I had no idea. I thought there was a chance I still might get in it, but I had no idea what it was going to take this week.

Q. So now you're going to Atlanta. We don't have to speculate or any of that stuff. Was that a goal for you??

RYAN MOORE: Yeah, absolutely. At the beginning of the year you want to be there. That's the tournament you want to get into if you play some good golf throughout the year. I played finally well enough at the right time to get into it, so I'm excited to go actually.

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