What they said: Bob Heintz

July 18, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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MARK STEVENS: Okay. Like to welcome Bob Heintz. Bob, great finish there. You came up a little bit short, but I'm sure you've got a lot of positives to take away this week, and your top finish gets you into next week. So if you'd talk a little bit about your thoughts and that shot on the last hole and then we'll take some questions.

BOB HEINTZ: You want to hear about how I felt all day? Well, I think with my lack of success so far this year it was almost a little bit better to be starting behind, so I didn't have a situation where I felt like I couldn't mess up.

And I went out and I really wasn't as tidy with my irons as I was yesterday. But I kind of played like the Bob of old where my survival instincts kicked in, and my short game was just shy of brilliant all day.

I holed out three times from off the green, and it really was clutch, except for once or twice until the very last putt. And I have to admit, that was about a three-quarter-inch to a one-inch pull.

I wanted it inside the hole. They were being nice on TV saying it was left edge. I wanted it inside the hole and I did start it left edge, and I missed.

So it was pretty cool, though, that putting stroke that I talked about the other day held out for a very long time, and it really wasn't a terrible putt. It just wasn't good enough. So I can handle it. I'm a big boy.

MARK STEVENS: Thanks a lot, Bob. Questions??

Q. If you could address what this does for you, I mean what it does for you going forward.

BOB HEINTZ: It takes a lot of pressure off me. We're building a house right now, and I think like marriages and building houses are golfer killers.

You know, like guys have a lot of trouble -- you see guys falling off the face of the earth for two or three things when they're professional golfers; changing equipment, building a house, a major life change can really do it.

And I've suffered under the pressure of that for a while this year, putting it on myself, and this will back that off quite a bit. It's a really good check for me. I think it's my biggest check ever, and it's really exciting.

I know I missed an opportunity to win, and I can talk about that some more, but it takes a massive amount of pressure off. And I get to go to Canada next week, and I'm not even exempt for the Nationwide Tour that next week, so I'll go to Canada.

Q. Can you just talk about your choice of clubs on 18??

BOB HEINTZ: Yeah. I'd love to, because that was experience kicking in.

Let me just cut to the chase. Adjusted, it was 108 to the hole, 93 to the front with all the altitude adjustments. And I just knew after I watched Chad's ball take that big bounce, that if I hit my normal sand wedge, I was going to fly it to the hole and it was in the back bunker. So I trusted myself to just haul off on a lobe wedge, and it worked out great.

So I'm really proud of that decision because that's a really long lob wedge for me, and my caddie, Jeff, was a little reluctant to let me hit it. But I convinced him, and I was right, and I was pretty proud of that shot.

Q. And didn't you hit the hybrid off the tee, or iron??

BOB HEINTZ: I hit a 3-wood.

Q. Oh, 3-wood. Okay.

BOB HEINTZ: Yeah. I'm not as long as Matt. He hit kind of a bad utility club. He should have been able to hit that down where I hit my 3-wood. He just kind of stubbed it a little bit. He'll let you know. But that was just a good solid 3-wood over the bunker for me.

Q. Have you ever had three chip-ins in a round like that before??

BOB HEINTZ: You know, when I played the Hooter's Tour and the Nike Tour and stuff in '98 and '99, I didn't hit it as straight as I do now, but I was a scrambling fool. I mean I did that a lot. I don't think Chad Campbell is real -- he's seen that before out of me because he used to play that Tour with me, but I haven't done that in a very long time. I can't remember -- not in this situation, surely.

MARK STEVENS: Okay. Anything else? Okay. Thanks a lot, Bob. Good luck next week.