What they said: Scott McCarron

July 17, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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MARK STEVENS: Okay. I'd like to welcome tournament host, Scott McCarron, who at the moment has got a share of the lead at 10-under after the third round. Scott, if you'd kind of talk a little bit about the round. There was a lot of lead changes today, real exciting out there, and then we'll go ahead and take some questions.

SCOTT McCARRON: Yeah. I kind of made it exciting on the front side shooting 6-under. Really had a lot going, good shots and good birdies and chipped in for eagle on 9 felt very good.

I just missed a few shots there on the back, misjudged the wind on 10 and then drove right behind the tree on 11, but all in all it was a very good round, very pleased at how I've been playing the last couple of days, especially being the official host, we've had a lot going on. If anyone had said you would be right near the lead going into the last round, I would have been very happy. I'm shocked that I even made the cut.

Q. Did you have any sense today, going into today, that you'd get off to this kind of start??

SCOTT McCARRON: You know, today I did. I came to the golf course feeling pretty good. I was happy. We had a great party last night up at Tahoe. We had about 80 people up there on the beach. Just beautiful weather. Boating around, the kids were on the Waverunners, just had a great time. So I was in a good frame of mind.

Whether that leads to good golf, I don't know, but I felt really good about what's been going on with the tournament and how I've been playing.

Q. So just to be clear, you have a home now up Incline now. Is that right??

SCOTT McCARRON: We have homes all over the place. (Laughs).

Q. You don't have to give me the address.

SCOTT McCARRON: We're staying up at Tahoe.

Q. Okay. I think I was on I think it was 14 when a couple of girls yelled "Go Shooter."

SCOTT McCARRON: That was my daughter. Shooter is my Wii name when we play Wii. The kids made for me a young guy named Shooter, so they call me Shooter. I think it's kind of a play on Shooter McGavin, too. There you go.

Q. Talk about tomorrow, what it might take. Looks like the weather's probably going to be pretty much the same.

SCOTT McCARRON: Obviously going to take a low score. You saw Graham DeLaet go out there and shoot 10-under today, which is a great round. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody went really low again, and hopefully it'll be me.

I don't know. I feel very comfortable the way I've been hitting the ball and I feel comfortable reading these greens, and right now I've been having a really good time this week, so sure would be nice to finish it off.

Q. If you could put this in a little more perspective. You said this the other day, but now that you have the lead or close to it going into the final round, how big it would be to get in the winner's circle again??

SCOTT McCARRON: It would be absolutely huge. Not only that, to win a tournament that you're hosting would be -- I can't even describe that. So I'm not going to go there right now. I'm just going to go out and enjoy my time up at Lake Tahoe and hang on the beach tonight and then tee it up again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Q. Scott, you've talked about this some before, too, but when you made the decision to forego a shot at the British Open and stay here, were there some folks who kind of looked at you funny and said, what? Or did people understand that? What was the kind of take you got on that?

SCOTT McCARRON: I really don't know other people's reaction, but it was a very hard decision for me because the British Open is one of my favorite tournaments. You can't win major tournaments if you're not playing them.

And playing at St. Andrews was something that I certainly was going to miss, but I knew how important it was for this community to get behind this tournament. We need to get a title sponsor to keep this tournament going, and the only way to do that, I felt, was to get more involved. So I'm very happy with my choice being here. Hosting the tournament has gone extremely well and I've played pretty good golf so far, so just like to finish this off.

Q. You had back-to-back birdies, if I'm not mistaken, but on 16 you flew the green. Too much club or misjudged wind??

SCOTT McCARRON: Yeah, a little misjudged -- that's 191 yards there, and I hit an 8-iron. You gotta carry at least about 184 just to carry that right to that water, and I hit it beautifully there and just the wind was just a little more down and out of the right going over to the left and the ball just turned a little too far left.

It only hit about maybe a yard or two past the pin, but it just had moved a little bit left too far and got not a great bounce there, and I had a very difficult up-and-down. I hit a great shot to get it on the green. I didn't think I could get on the green from where I was.

Q. Just seemed that the green -- that green did not hold whatsoever.

SCOTT McCARRON: And that green typically gets pretty firm. So I was trying to land it about eight yards short of that, but again, you know, you're aiming over the right side of the water hitting a little draw, and you gotta make sure you carry that water.

And that part of the golf course swirls quite a bit. You can see on the tee, it's downwind going left and you can hit it into the wind out of the right. It's crazy back there how much it swirls. It's almost like the 12th at Augusta.

Q. Going into this last round, you're the hometown guy, would you rather be chased or be the chaser??

SCOTT McCARRON: Oh, I would rather about chased. I would like to be as far out in front as possible.

I think if we're going threesomes, I'll be in the last group at least and be able to see what the leaders are doing and go out there, and at least I'll know what I have to do.

Q. Can you address -- I don't know if you know about this, or why they did this, why they went with twos today, and are they going to go with threes tomorrow??

SCOTT McCARRON: I think they're going to go to threes tomorrow. They went with twos today trying to have a 4:00 finish because we're live on Golf Channel this year for the first time, which is great. But we gotta finish at 4. We can't go over.

So this golf course, with the wind picking up a little bit plays pretty tricky. It's tough judging wind and altitude, and you feel like you're in eighth grade math again trying to do all these calculations, so this golf course just takes a long time to play; and I think we played in about four hours and 40 minutes today. We need to play about 4:19 to go twosomes. As the host, I know those things.

Q. I'm assuming on 9 you hit 3-wood to the front??

SCOTT McCARRON: 5-wood. Yeah. 5-wood. I had 279, something like that, 285, down the hill 25, altitude another 25, wind -3. Barometric pressure was 2992 I believe at that time, added one.

These calculations are crazy out here. It really is. You start with 300 yards, you get down to hitting a 5-wood. It's just nuts.

MARK STEVENS: Do you guys need him to go through birdies real quick? Would that help?

Q. Probably wouldn't hurt.

SCOTT McCARRON: Let's see. No. 3; birdied No. 3, hit a good drive, hit a sand wedge in there about three feet, made that for birdie. 4, par-5, made a good drive and a 6-iron about 25 feet, got that down for birdie.

6, par-4, hit a really nice drive there and was able to hit sand wedge right behind the hole that just went back to about three and a half, four feet, made that for birdie.

7 was a great birdie. That's such a tough par-3, hit a 7-iron from, I don't know, 200 yards or 208 yards, whatever that is back there, to about 25 feet and just snuck that in for birdie.

9, hit a real nice drive, had 285 or something like that to the pin. Hit 5-wood just short of the green and chipped in. I was deciding whether I wanted to chip it or putt it, but I wanted to go ahead and get it on the green, and I chipped it and it went right in the hole.

Bogeyed 10, hit a 9-iron, just pulled a little bit to the left in the bunker and I shortsided myself dead. 11, I drove it right behind that tree out in the middle of the fairway, which I've never even come close to that tree. I usually aim at it and it just stymied right behind it and had to chip out sideways and hit 6-iron on the green. Made a good par there.

Bogeyed 12, hit an 8-iron. Just was just a foot too far to the right and didn't get up-and-down.

Birdied 14, hit a nice drive with a 3-wood around the corner and sand wedge in there about eight feet, made that for birdie.

15, another nice drive, hit a 9-iron in there about 10, 12 feet made that for birdie. 16, you guys know what happened and that was it.

MARK STEVENS: Thanks a lot, Scott. Good luck tomorrow.

SCOTT McCARRON: Thanks, guys.