What they said: Chris DiMarco

July 15, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: 5-under, 67 today. You've made 10 of 15 cuts so far this year, but I guess you're probably not happy with where you finished.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Yeah, I'm having a bunch of 40th place finishes. Those kind of add up to, yeah, hundred and whatever.

So the last four weeks I've played a lot better. My better finishes have been in the last four weeks. I went back to my old irons. I had PING made me a set of irons like my old ones, i3 Plus Blade, with obviously the conforming groove, and that's really made all the difference in the world.

I think the last four weeks my irons have probably been top 5 in greens in regulation in each tournament. When you're putting for birdie, it's a lot easier than when you're putting for par. I drove the ball great today and hit all 14 fairways today. So I'm doing a lot of good things.

And it was a lot of fun to have my son on the bag, my son Christian who's 14 years old. This is the first week he's ever caddied. It was a lot of fun out there. I had a great time.

Q. (Question regarding how his son ended up caddying for him.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know, for some reason -- I mean, I have a good friend of mine that actually caddies for me now. My kids actually call him Uncle Ryan. He hadn't been home in a while, so I said, you go home and see your wife. I'll bring Christian and let him caddie for me.

And I've had a lot of success. I won in Abu Dhabi with my wife on the bag; I won in '01 the Callaway Gardens, the Buick, with my brother on the bag. So I have had a lot of success with family on the bag. I don't know if it relaxes me, if it makes me more comfortable out there, whatever it does.

But it was -- I can tell you right now, it was about the coolest thing I've ever done on a golf course having my son there sitting right next to me making birdies and playing well. So it was really neat out there.

Q. (No microphone.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know what's really good about it, I think he's learning a lot. Because I typically do my yardages anyway even with my other caddie, so I really go through the system of doing it. He really caught on pretty quick. You know, because with my other caddie, I want him to do it, too, in case we make a bad yardage we can catch something.

My son was catching on really good. He's a good player himself. He's a 3, 4 handicap himself, so he can read greens. We were able to read the greens well together. He actually on No. 8 today called me off. I was gonna hit driver, and he said, Dad, I think you need a 2-iron in.

You know, for a 14-year-old kid to call me off, it was pretty good. I hit it right down the middle and i hit it to where I had an 8-iron in. So it was the right play off the tee. There's no doubt about it. I like that. I like the fact that he's not out here scared. He wants to talk to me.

I mean, I'm ultimately gonna make the decision, but it's nice that he speaks up and has an opinion about it.

Q. (No microphone.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: Fourth our fifth.

THE MODERATOR: Third actually.

CHRIS DiMARCO: Third, my third.

Q. You played last year, too??

CHRIS DiMARCO: Played well last year, too. I mean, I played good. I was like 18th or 19th, something like that, I'm not even sure. But I really like the golf course. It fits my eye really well off the tee, which is pretty big when you're playing golf, to be able to see the lines that you want to have.

Obviously the greens have got a lot more po' in 'em this year; that's why the scores are higher, I think. You're seeing guys shoot -9, -10 under. The greens are not as easy to putt as they have been in the past. There were some tough pins out there today, too.

Q. (No microphone.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know, the golf course is like that. You know, you want to get off it to a good start early. The first four, five holes in the front, you really want to get a few birdies there, because the third hole is a tough hole, but the other ones are relatively easy.

Then you have 7, 8, and 9; 9, if you hit it in the fairway, is a birdie hole, too. Then you get to the back and you have a couple more birdies, but the last three holes with the way the wind is blowing are birdie holes, especially 17 and 18.

You got to pick and choose out there. I was fortunate enough to birdie the last three. Hit a really good 6-iron into 16. 16 was a tough shot. Pin back right; I put it in there about 15 feet left and made a good putt.

Q. (Question regarding what a win would mean.)

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know, it would be great. Obviously I still feel like I can win out here. My confidence is slowly but surely coming back. I'm starting to get comfortable on the golf course again. That, I think, is the biggest key, you know, to kind of be relaxed out there. And that's where I am. It's been nice. It really has. And even more now with my son on the bag.

I just see good things. I've been seeing good strides here for the last month, like I said, and I have a lot of confidence, which is good. That's a hard thing to get. It's easy to take away but it's a hard thing to regain. It's coming back.

Q. The shot where your son called you off, where there any other sort of moments like that??

CHRIS DiMARCO: You know, he was good, because he would ask me what I like. And putting, you know, he's a good putter. He read some greens for me.