What they said: Robert Karlsson

June 12, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: St. Jude Classic transcript archive Q. Robert, let's talk about the chip-in at 18. Great finish and picked up two shots on last hole.

ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, I picked up one shot. My game I'm trying to get around. I'm very, very happy with it. I played well.

Q. What were the strengths of your game, do you think??

ROBERT KARLSSON: Couple of good putts and couple of good holes. Obviously the chip on the last. Obviously, all in all, the short game.

Q. How difficult were the scores today as opposed to the last couple of days??

ROBERT KARLSSON: It was tough. I don't know. I aimed for every shadow I've seen out there. Little more windy out there. We'll see. It was the wind. The pins, also. I think that's going to be that way everyday, I think.

Q. Now you have a chance to win here.

ROBERT KARLSSON: My focus is to go out and play my game and not worry about what the other guys are doing. Put together a good score.

Q. How tough was it playing in this Memphis heat? The course seemed to be a lot more difficult today than it had been all week.

ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah. The weather was tough, definitely. Luckily it was windy. It was a blessing in one way. It's a tough course. I mean, I'm happy with what I did.

Q. You're going to have more of the same tomorrow. Now you have some catching up to do, trying to catch Robert Garrigus.

ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah. I mean, my focus is to play my game and then we'll see what happens tomorrow afternoon. There's a lot of players that can come from behind. With all this humidity, the greens are soft. You can shoot the low scores.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.