What they said: Brian Gay

June 12, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: St. Jude Classic transcript archive Q. Brian, into the round, 5-under 65. There weren't a lot of low numbers out there today as you look at the scored board. Talk about your day.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. Bunch of pars early and kind of got hot in the middle. Birdied I think four out of five there midway through the round, 16 through 1. Kind of turned it around.

Q. Conditions a lot different than the last couple of days because the leaders were at 9, that's where they are right now. There wasn't a lot of movement in front of you except maybe back to you??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. Maybe a little bit more wind, almost the same direction, though. I don't know. Maybe the pins were a little bit tougher. Other than the wind, about the same, though.

Q. So you should look to tomorrow, you're 5-under far and you're really in the thick of things. Another 65 and who knows??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. Yeah. Still fighting. Gave them a pretty good head start there Thursday, but come out tomorrow and try to shoot low again.

Q. Let me ask you, tomorrow, in the hunt for a new sponsor for this tournament, David Toms and Shaun Micheel are asking guys to wear maroon ribbons as a sign of unity. Do you think that will help in trying to get a sponsor to save the tournament??

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. Like I said, big thanks to Smith & Nephew for stepping up this year. Hopefully that's going to turn into a long relationship. That's the first I heard, but whatever we can do to help.

Q. Good shooting today.

BRIAN GAY: Thank you.

Q. Can you remember being in a position like this where you talk about the Thursday head start you gave everybody and now the turnaround??

BRIAN GAY: I don't know. I was done. I was completely done after Thursday. Somehow brought it back. It was similar in Dallas. Wasn't that bad, though, obviously. Just hanging around the cut line. Triple and double like I did on Thursday. My putter just heated up in Dallas. Nothing really changed. No, I don't know that I've been that far down and come back pretty quick. Another day to go.

Q. Things are starting to go well on those holes.

BRIAN GAY: I kind of did the same thing yesterday. I hit it close a few times early. Didn't make it. I had a really good look at eagle on 16 and didn't make it. Almost give me on 18. Made a good putt on 16. I haven't really made that many putts. Putter has been okay, but it can be better.

Transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.