History and culture of San Juan

March 08, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico and the gateway to the Caribbean, offers a myriad of attractions, including Old San Juan city, world-class beachfront hotels in El Condado and Isla Verde, casinos, exclusive shopping, fine restaurants and trendy nightclubs.

From magnificently preserved art to ancient architecture, the splendors of Puerto Rico's culture and history are waiting to enchant visitors. Travelers can go back in time and relive Puerto Rico's richness through gifts and long standing memories in Old San Juan.

The narrow cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, a city over 500 years old, reflects the island's unique past combined with the vibrancy of today's youth. Among its most recognizable landmarks is El Morro, which protected Old San Juan from invaders for hundreds of years. Travelers should also visit La Princesa building, which at one time served as a prison and La Fortaleza, once a fortress and now the oldest functional executive mansion in the USA.

Known as the "Dining Capital of the Caribbean," San Juan offers everything from authentic Puerto Rican flavors to traditional international cuisine options. Puerto Rican cuisine, a blend of Taíno, Spanish and African traditions, gives diners the opportunity to experience the island through exotic and unique ingredients and flavors.

When the sun goes down in Puerto Rico, the nightlife goes into high gear with unlimited options ranging from traditional to ultra trendy activities. After dinner, dance salsa into the night, win big at black jack and roulette, drink Puerto Rico's rum at a local bar, or attend a concert by international artists at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

Whether looking for a relaxing island escape, golf vacation, an adventure trip amidst tropical rainforests or a getaway rich in history and culture, Puerto Rico offers all these experiences and more.