What they said: Matt Kuchar

January 08, 2010
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: SBS Championship transcript archive JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Matt Kuchar into the interview room at the SBS Championship after a 6-under par 67. Matt, the eagle on the par-5 fifth, got you going there. A great day overall if we can get some comments.

MATT KUCHAR: Yes, that was a great way to kick my 2010 with an eagle on 5 and then following it up with two birdies on 6 and 7. It was an easy way to get 4-under in 3 holes. It was just a big kick start for me. I played a solid round of golf, really, not much trouble. I felt good coming into it, played a good couple practice rounds and real excited to have a bogey-free round my first round in 2010.

JOHN BUSH: It seems like your comfort level has been pretty good this week, just talk about being back at Kapalua and if you will take us through that eagle.

MATT KUCHAR: It's been a while since 2003 since I've been here. It's a fun course to try to figure out. The undulations are like none I've ever played before. It's just a fun course. You really got to think your way around and kind of be creative, particularly on the greens. Some of these breaks, with normal putts you play a cup or two a break. You play two or three, sometimes 10 or 20 feet a break here. It's just feels like it lends itself to a lot more creativity with shots, playing into the wind, crosswinds. And then on the greens, you really got to see some amazing things with break. Back to that eagle on 5, I hit a drive down the right side of the fairway and ended up just on the edge of the rough with a good lie. I had, I think, 205 to the front and about 230 to the hole. It just sat up perfectly for a cut 3-wood. It started at the left side of the green. The wind was working left-to-right, and I ended up landing kind of middle of the green and trickling to about ten feet from the hole. It just pulled off perfectly. It was fun to see that 10-footer curl in and caught the left edge of the hole and dove down. It was a great way to get started for 2010 with my first under par score.

JOHN BUSH: Questions?

Q. You are close with Parker??


Q. Do you guys ever talk about what it would be like not to play in Hawaii? Do you have that discussion? There is a possibility both of those would be gone in a couple of years.

MATT KUCHAR: Into, we never had that discussion. I hope to never have that discussion. I'm sorry to be hearing that. I hope we stay with the hey. Everybody likes it. From my understanding it goes over pretty well. I guess maybe it is not going. Going over so well I'm not sure. It's a discussion.

Q. What do you like about it??

MATT KUCHAR: I think Hawaii is pretty much the ultimate paradise. It's hard to find a place where you have kind of everything in one. I think most of the time you go to the mountains and you get mountains, or you go to the ocean and you get the ocean. You don't often combine the two. I think for myself, I'm an outdoor active person and I like taking advantage of both the water and the mountains; going up, doing hikes. We did a zip line the other day. I really like being active. I haven't been to a place that I enjoy as much as I enjoy Hawaii.

Q. Turning Stone??

MATT KUCHAR: I really enjoy Turning Stone. I'm hoping this week SBS Championship and Turning Stone.

Q. When you won last year did you have enough points to get you into Bridgestone next year??

MATT KUCHAR: I don't know how Bridgestone works. I don't know the qualifications for that. I know World Golf events, golf world rankings and I don't know if there are other components besides world rankings that work for World Golf and Bridgestone in particular. I'm really hoping, Bridgestone being one of my major sponsors, to play in that event. It's a great event. It would be extra special to be Bridgestone sponsored.

Q. It's the same week as Turning Stone next year??

MATT KUCHAR: It is the same week. It would be a disappointment, because I do think Turning Stone is a great place, and I think it will show it off a little better this year with better weather and a better date, but I certainly hope to be at Bridgestone.

Q. When you get here the first week, I don't know how much you have been practicing the off season, then you have this strange golf course, what do you expect off the first tee??

MATT KUCHAR: The way I set my off season, I took most of November off. I look at December as my spring training. I got back practicing, training in the month of December. Last week, I went out to Palm Springs for a final tune-up. My instructor met me out there, Chris O'Connell and did a final tune-up. I tried to remember what it was like to kind of score as well, and making sure I was swinging the way I wanted to, but also getting the ball in the hole, trying to play a proper round of golf, not just working on things, trying to remember how to get up and down and grind out a few putts. I tried that. I tried to prepare myself so I would be ready to go come in tournament.

Q. And you were??

MATT KUCHAR: So it seems.

Q. I'm sorry, this is an old story for you, I read something about your tennis prowess. Can you talk about that? What did you win?

MATT KUCHAR: My wife and I played, this was the end of last year, we played the National Clay Court Husband and Wife championship, and we did not win. We won the consolation draw which was like finishing fifth. So we lost first round to the eventual champions, and went to the consolation bracket and won the next 4 matches of the consolation bracket.

Q. '08 or '09??


Q. What month was it??

MATT KUCHAR: It was the week of Frys.com. I don't know what month that is.

Q. Did you have to get a release to play that??

MATT KUCHAR: No, I did not get a release.

Q. Some time October??


Q. Sybi played tennis at Tech??

MATT KUCHAR: She left school, went on to teach tennis. She taught tennis at the Tiburon Peninsula of California. After that she basically stopped playing tennis. I got her back into it when we started dating, just playing a little bit. I thought it was fun for the two of us. And we've had a great time. It's kind of a fun activity the two of us can play at equal level. She is a better player when we play matches. I'm kind of scrappy enough in playing a style I don't think many people enjoy. I just cover the net with every opportunity. She wears me out with baseline rallies. If I could get up to net and close a point out, that's what I do.

Q. You have some history??

MATT KUCHAR: I played a lot as a junior. I played in Florida 12 and unders, which was good until then, that's when I found golf and quit playing tennis. I feel like as a kid I wanted to be professional tennis player. I wanted to be playing Wimbledon at 17 years old. That's what I wanted to do. Golf took over and tennis completely found the closet and was forgotten about. But her family is the biggest tennis family I've run across. A couple of years ago we played the National Grass Courts at Newport, at the Hall of Fame. Sybi and I played the mixed double National Grass Courts together. Her brother talked me into playing into the doubles, the open doubles division. I told him I don't belong there. That's not for me. Mixed doubles is just about right and I don't belong there either. We got a good draw. Her brother is an incredible player and we lost in the finals. So I have a silver ball, which is a pretty big thing in the tennis circuit. So finals runner up on the National Grass Courts.

Q. You wanted a gold one, right??

MATT KUCHAR: Yes. Gold, silver and bronze, and I wanted the gold one. I probably have a decent chance if we train at all.

Q. Do you train at all??

MATT KUCHAR: No, we play. We go in spurts. It will be a couple of times a week and once a month. It just kind of depends on where we are, the access of tennis. Now with two kids, we need help to be able to play and have somebody look after the kids.

Q. It sounds like you started dating not long after you left Tech??

MATT KUCHAR: Yes, we did not date in school. We were just friends. And then we were married in '03, started dating in '02. We were still dating here, came to Kapalua as a date.

Q. Where did you meet up again after school??

MATT KUCHAR: She was moving back to Georgia. She spent three years in California, she moved back to Georgia. We started communicating and it quickly lead to dating and quickly lead to marriage. I think it was within a year we were married before we got back together. We were very close in school. I think both of us were pretty occupied with our sport and with school as well. We would go out and hang out, but not a whole lot of dating.

JOHN BUSH: Matt, you hit all 15 fairways today. Take us through those last four birdies, the one on No. 6

MATT KUCHAR: 6, I decided to lay up with a 3-wood. A lot of people challenged that green and hit driver. I laid up and had 110 yards with a sand wedge to 15 feet and made one of those fun putts. A big right-to-left breaker. 7, hit a really good drive. I had 140 yards to the pin, pitching wedge to four feet. 12, hit a good drive, had a perfect distance. I think I had 90 yards, play more like 80 yards, hit a 60 degree wedge to a foot and a half. 14, I hit a nice drive almost to the green, probably win 10 yards short of the green and chipped up to two feet. It was one of those funny two footers you can get here at The Plantation Course. It crossed my mind briefly, if I missed it, it could be 15 feet by, one of those downhill right-to-lefters, and I forced myself up to step up and hit it quickly and confidently without thinking too much more of it. That's the stuff you get out here. Some of those tricky, tricky putts and even two footers can be difficult.

JOHN BUSH: Matt, thank you. Keep it going this week.

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