What they said: Lee Westwood

December 06, 2009
PGA TOUR staff

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LEE WESTWOOD: 7-iron, 170 into the wind and cold, and it just bit 172 and knocked it a little back. Then it took me a while to get going again, but got going towards the end of the round. And after I missed the putt to tie on the last after that I lost a bit of concentration.

Q. How would you assess your entire 2009 season??

LEE WESTWOOD: It's been a good year. There's no doubt about that. I've played really solid most of the year.

I gave myself a lot of chances to win. I won a couple. I won a big one when it mattered, and I look forward to next year. I look forward to having a rest, but then looking forward to next year after that.

Q. That was my next question. What do you do to recharge the batteries??

LEE WESTWOOD: Just put the clubs away really. Not play golf. Get in the gym, do some work on fitness, and come out next year mentally fresh and physically fresh.

Q. Just one question. Talk about the environment out here this week. Talk about seven guys in the running late. Talk about just the environment and the fans and how was it this week??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. It was good. This is always a great tournament. It's a nice one to get an invite to because it shows you've had a good year and you're up in world rankings. And you know, it's a nice place to come play. The weather's generally good. The course is nice. It's good. It's nice.

Q. How exciting is it to finish when you have a half a dozen guys right there at the end, and every shot is so critical??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. It was tight. That's obviously what everybody wants. You want it to be tight coming down the last few holes with lots of fluctuation, so it was good from that point of view.