Cabrera to develop courses with Gary Player Design

October 02, 2009
PGA TOUR staff

Reigning Masters Champion Angel Cabrera announced Friday that he will partner with Gary Player Design to design golf courses around the globe, while setting his sights on his native Latin America. With over 300 golf course designs to their name, Gary Player Design has a 30-year history of success and experience in creating championship golf courses worldwide. After forming a friendship with Gary Player while playing for his Presidents Cup teams in 2005 and 2007, it was only natural that Cabrera turn to Player and his design company for technical support and advice when the Argentinean decided to venture into the golf course design business.

"Through my playing career, I have developed a keen understanding of quality course design techniques and feel very confident in my design vision. Having an organization with the quality of Gary Player Design as a resource was extra important to me as my design business grows. Perhaps, Gary and I may even collaborate on a project in the future," said Cabrera, who sees opportunities on the horizon in Latin America, especially Argentina and Brazil, for championship golf.

As new deals are signed, Cabrera will turn to Gary Player Design to provide technical design services, personnel and marketing expertise. Cabrera will have direct access to the capabilities of Gary Player Design in order to execute his design vision, especially in emerging markets where Gary Player Design thrives. "Mr. Player and Angel have formed a relationship, which was the foundation for our business alliance. Given that Angel is at the height of his career and has won multiple major championships, I expect we will be looking at several new projects together, particularly in South America," said Scott Ferrell, President of Gary Player Design.