Match Play Glossary

Match Play: Match Play is the game played by holes instead of by strokes.

Reckoning of Hole (status of match): Reckoning of holes is kept by the terms: so many “holes up,” or “tied” and so many “holes to play.”

Tied Hole: A hole is tied when each side holes out in the same number of strokes.

Tied Match: A match is tied when each side has won the same number of holes as the other side, or when each hole has been halved.

Concession of next stroke, hole or match (Rule 2-4): When the opponent’s ball is at rest or is deemed to be at rest under Rule 16-2, the player may concede the opponent to have holed out with his next stroke and the ball may be removed by either side with a club or otherwise. A player may concede a hole or a match at any time prior to the conclusion of the hole or the match. Concession of a stroke, hole or match may not be declined or withdrawn.


The field will be divided into 16 four-player groups. Players in the field assigned a seed number for the competition determined by their position on the Official World Rankings, as of Monday one week prior to the week of the tournament. The highest ranked player in the field Seed #1, and the lowest ranked player in the field Seed #64.

Players are then placed into four pools of 16 players.

The top 16 players will be the top player in each of the 16 groups. So the No. 1 seed is the top player in Group 1, No. 2 seed is the top player in Group 2 and so on. The remaining players in each group will be picked randomly live on the Dell Technologies Match Play Draw show.