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    TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm

    Course Par Value: 70 • Course Yardage: 7,139

    Situated on 220 acres of rolling wooded countryside within the luxury residential community of Avenel, TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm redefines the private golf club experience following a historic renovation in 2008.

    Blending the time-honored traditions of golf with modern conveniences, TPC Potomac boasts 18 holes of picturesque and beautifully maintained golf, an array of amenities, and the personalized service and outstanding privileges that have become synonymous with the PGA TOUR's acclaimed TPC Network of clubs.

    For a flyover tour of the golf course, go to click here!

    1 4 440

    This hole is nicknamed "Mike Tyson" because if you're not ready when you step to the tee, your round may suffer a knock out blow. A strong uphill par 4 with a well protected green. The left side of the fairway provides better sight lines into the well protected green. Play for 5 and get your round started.

    2 5 619

    A chance to exhale on this long par 5, a true 3 shotter for most with a decision to be made on the second shot to lay up or try and carry the dry gulch for a shorter 3rd shot. Avoid the left front green side bunker at all cost. Best lay-up spot is the right side of the fairway as close as you dare to the hazard. (Hint) Watch the speed of your putts going towards Rock Run Creek!

    3 3 225

    A deceptively difficult Par 3. Hazards surround two thirds of the green. Inside knowledge knows the wind blows down Oaklyn Drive from left to right which can not be felt from the tee. Do not shoot at the pin, play to the back left of the green and work on your lag putting. Take a 3 if you can and go quietly to the next tee.

    4 4 440

    One of the best driving holes on the golf course. A prudent play is a soft draw down the right side allowing the fairway contour to bring the ball left. Unless you are inside of 150 yards do not shoot at the pin if it is behind the front right bunker. Play to the front left and take your 4, par is a great score.

    5 4 365

    One of the true scoring chances on the front nine. A 3 wood down the left side of the fairway leaves the best angle into this green. a solid wedge will allow you a good look at a birdie. Stay focused and don't fall asleep on the tee, you will need to take advantage of this scoring opportunity.

    6 4 484

    You are now entering one of the toughest 7 hole stretches in all of golf. Your round may well be determined by how well you can manage through this difficult stretch. Once a par 5, now plays as a 484 yard par 4. May be the most difficult hole on the course. Avoid the hazard on the right at all cost as you can rack up a big number by hitting into the wetlands. Prudent play is down the left side and to the front of this long and narrow 3 club deep green. Take a 5 if you can and go quickly to the next tee.

    7 4 452

    One of the most scenic tee shots on the course, long hitters may attempt to carry the bunker on the right but there is little to gain, play to the left short of the left side fairway bunkers for a flat lie into this generous green. A good mid iron and you will have a possible look at a birdie.

    8 4 467

    The third of 3 long par 4's in a row. By now you have grooved yoru driver swing so let it rip down the middle to one of the widest fairways on the course. Stay away from the right side or you will be blocked out from the set of muscle bunkers. The green is angled from left to right so take an extra club to any of the back hole locations. A miss to the right is ok as it lends itself to an easy chip from the collection area. The front left bunker is off limits.

    9 3 201

    By far, this hole represents the biggest transformation that occurred during the renovation. The green now sits up on top of the hill adjacent to number 1 tee. A good scoring opportunity here, take one less club to account for the downhill elevation change and favor the left center of the green. Be careful putting towards the creek it is deceptively quick.

    10 5 560

    Once a par 4 and a par 3 that were combined into one of the most exacting par 5's you will ever play. Favor the tee ball down the right side and avoid the wetlands on the left. Don't try and bite off too much on the second shot as getting home in 2 is nearly impossible. Play to the right of the 150 post to the widest part of the fairway and take your chances with a short iron approach. A conservative strategy with solid executive and you can steal a birdie here.

    11 4 470

    Much like number 6, except the hazard is on the other side. For the long hitters driver may not be required. The further you hit towards the end of the fairway the shallower the angle to the green and the big Silver Maple tree comes into play. Lay up to the 150 post and play to the front left of the green. Again, another good lag putt and you may squeak out a 4 and go to the next tee. Don't forget to use the approach fairway on the opposite side of the creek as a lay up area if you are in trouble, it provides a straight forward look up to the green. 

    12 3 168

    One of the most beautiful holes on the course. A deceptive par 3 playing uphill to a nearly blind green. Take one extra club and at all cost make sure to carry the false front. The green is bigger than it looks from the tee, when in doubt play to the back yardage. A word of caution, if you are putting toward Rock Run Creek, don't be too aggressive as you may find yourself chipping back up from the front approach.

    You made it through the toughest stretch of the golf course. Your conservative strategy and patience are now about to pay off with back to back birdie chances. Now is the time to try and get a couple of strokes back.

    13 4 360

    A relatively simple par 4 that is all about the second shot. Don't get lulled into a sense of complacency on the tee shot. Take the bunkers on the right out of play and leave yourself a short iron approach to the very small and elevated green. Be careful with your spin on the second shot as the false front will come into play. Play to the middle of the green and you will have a makeable birdie chance.

    14 4 299

    The distance would indicate that this is a drivable par 4, however the window to the green is very narrow and requires a precise tee shot, don't get too greedy here. A more conservative approach will lead to another birdie chance. A fairway metal or hybrid to the left side of the fairway will allow for a short iron approach from one of the only flat spots on the fairway. The green is divided into two halves with a trough running through the middle, make sure to get to the correct section for your birdie opportunity.

    15 4 490

    Ok, the fun and games are now officially over and the closing stretch begins. Number 15 is a brute of a par 4, measuring 500 yards with an uphill tee shot. One of the more generous fairways on the course allows you to let it rip. The long hitters who can carry the crest of the hill will have a mid iron into this tricky green. For the rest of us mere mortals a hybrid or fairway metal to the front right is the best choice. Avoid the pot bunker on the front left and try to get up and down to steal a par.

    16 4 412

    A relatively short par 4, but looks can be deceiving. Watch the wind direction by checking the American Flag on the hill. For the long hitters be careful with the driver as the fairway runs out to the right and will leave you a downhill lie to an uphill green. Play to the 150 marker for a mid iron into a very well protected green. The back left pin is a red light. Play to the frong right if you can and try and two putt from there, par is always a good score.

    17 3 222

    Two holes to go and no time to let up. Many a match will be decided on this very tricky par 3. Measuring 222 yards from the back tee it will require not only a good swing but a sound strategy as well. There are many challenges: the green is angled away from you and you are playing downhill to a very narrow putting surface. Check the wind on the flag pole again to make sure you have the right club. It usually plays one less than the yardage. a conservative play to the left front is always your best chance for a 3. Don't take on the back right pin unless it is do or die time.

    18 4 465

    With the clubhouse in the background you will want to finish strong as the gallery watches from the patio. A stout par 4 measuring 465 yards, the tee shot is relatively straight forward and the fairway is wide enough to give it a rip. Avoid the muscle bunkers on the left for a mid iron or hybrid approach. The green sits down but is well protected by 5 bunkers. You must avoid the front left bunker at all costs, recovery from there is nearly impossible. Play to the middle yardage and take one less club. The green is tricky to read with very subtle breaks. Take an extra look to avoid 3 putting the last hole.