How many points needed to advance?

August 19, 2013

There is no specific threshold of points that are needed to reach and advance in the FedExCup Playoffs? The field in each of the four Playoffs events is determined simply by rankings in FedExCup points.

The top 125 in points make The Barclays.

The top 100 in points advance to the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The top 70 in points advance to the BMW Championship.

The top 30 in points advance to the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, where the FedExCup champ will be crowned.

While there is no set point total, we can make some estimates on what players might need, based on the four most recent FedExCup Playoffs (2009-12), which has used the same points structure. Based on those numbers, and adjusting for inflation in 2013 of a 5.7 percent increase for current levels after the Wyndham Championship, our best estimate is:

Top 100 - 550 points needed to advance to Deutsche Bank Championship
Top 70 - 807 points needed to advance to BMW Championship
Top 30 - 1,556 points needed to advance to TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola
Top 5 (players who will control their own destiny at the TOUR Championship) - 3,182 points needed

Based on the numbers, you can check out the current FedExCup standings and see what your favorite players need to reach those levels/

The charts below show the history of the FedExCup points total for the last man in the field in each event, along with the four-year average.

Coming off the Wyndham Championship, here is the point total for the 125th player in this year's Playoffs field, Ben Crane: 369 points. That's the second highest points needed to reach the Playoffs under the current points structure (380 points were needed to make the Playoffs in 2010).