Equipment Report

    New line of Scotty Cameron GoLo putters

  • The Scotty Cameron design has a lightweight aluminum face and sole core that is surrounded by a stainless-steel frame. (Wall/PGA TOUR)The Scotty Cameron design has a lightweight aluminum face and sole core that is surrounded by a stainless-steel frame. (Wall/PGA TOUR)

Scotty Cameron's three-year-old GoLo putter has enjoyed success on the PGA TOUR, recording multiple wins including at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba where Charley Hoffman used a GoLo 5 for his third TOUR title. 

Even with the success of the lineup, Scotty Cameron made the decision to go back to the drawing board to refresh the GoLo design. What he came up with was a multi-material design that features a lightweight aluminum face and sole core that is surrounded by a stainless-steel frame. 

The face-sole core is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum and works hand-in-hand with a milled 303 stainless steel frame that enhances the weighting around the perimeter of the head. 

"I'm big into perimeter weighting at the moment," said Scotty Cameron, Titleist's putter guru. "So I was able to get the weight out of the mid and to the outside and the back of the putter. What it does is make the putter more stable and forgiving."

Along with boosting MOI, the face-sole core, which is a single piece of anodized aluminum that makes up the sole and midsection, wraps around the head to create the face and is visible through the flange as a sightline field. It also forms the putter face on the new GoLo. 

“I’d always wondered, with a conventional insert,” Cameron said, “if you hit it thin – which is very common considering putting surfaces are rarely level – do you hit the portion of the putter face below the insert? And how does that affect the feel and performance? Inserts are used for feel, not for performance. But performance is, in part, due to feel. So, I thought, why not just take the seam out?The insert is now the entire face, which wraps under and into the sole.” 

Tour feedback led to the introduction of a new vibration dampening technology that provides a softer feel at impact. Working with a company that designs vibration dampening pads for the airline industry, Cameron was able to strategically place five internal vibration dampeners inside the head that preserve the benefits of the aluminum while improving sound and feel. 

“We now have the softest feeling putter we’ve ever had in the GoLo line,” Cameron said. “With the new vibration dampening system, when we put the two pieces together the aluminum actually does not touch the stainless steel. It’s very slick.”

The sole of the GoLo was also designed with four-way relief (front-to-back and heel-to-toe) that keeps the putter head from catching during the takeaway. 

“Hardly ever are you on a flat surface on a putting green," Cameron said, "so we made the draft angles perfect in each direction, front-to-back, heel-to-toe, so that you’re not going to snag the ground.”

The new GoLo lineup consists of four models in different shapes in sizes, as well as a GoLo 5 Dual Balance putter that has a standard length of 38 inches with a 50-gram heavier head (400 grams total) and a 50-gram counterweight in the butt end of the shaft. 

All five putters ($380) will be available April 3 in a Silver Mist finish with Scotty Cameron's race-car inspired, double-milled cherry dot graphics in the back, and cherry dot adjustable sole weights.