Regions Traditions Interview: Michael Allen

June 07, 2013

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Q.  Got it in at 6-under 68, pretty good.  Any effect with all the water last night?

MICHAEL ALLEN:  I slept better, all the rain.  No, I mean, this course, is surprisingly dry honestly.  It played very nice, no mud balls.  The course took the rain obviously very well.

Q.  Any highlights to the round?

JAY DON BLAKE:  Playing with me.

MICHAEL ALLEN:  That was the second one.  I don't know, I played pretty good overall.  I missed a little one-foot putt on the 2nd hole, my only bogey.  I didn't make many putts.  I made a birdie on 3 kind of from about two feet.  There wasn't a whole lot of excitement really, just kind of a nice steady round.  I played pretty well.

Q.  Michael, you finished in the Top 10 each of the last two years here.  Is there anything particularly about Shoal Creek that stands out?

MICHAEL ALLEN:  You know, I like the golf course.  It's a course that doesn't seem to be extremely overly hard, but it really makes you think and play.  And you've got to drive the ball well here, that's the biggest thing and that's probably what I do best, little cut shots, little draws, you know, because the fairways slope.  So I think that's the main thing is I drive the ball pretty well so I'm in position.  These days it's not an extremely long course so it kind of plays well in my hands where I can get a lot of short irons and wedges in.

Q.  Keep it going.

MICHAEL ALLEN:  All right.